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Should I cut out these shoulder pads?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15608points) December 11th, 2013 from iPhone

If you’re anything like me, your first reaction to this question will be YES!

Hear me out.

I bought a pantsuit a couple of weeks ago to wear on interviews. It’s just plain black slacks, perfect length for heels, and a matching jacket. I thought it looked great on, so I bought it. I guess I didn’t realize until I got home that it had shoulder pads, which I thought had been out of fashion for awhile.

Now, I got this from the junior’s section at Kohl’s so, wondering why they’d be selling anything with shoulder pads in 2013 for young women, I googled it to see if shoulder pads were making a comeback and guess what? It seems they are.

They aren’t huge like they used to be, but you can tell they’re there. I just don’t want to feel stupid wearing shoulder pads if no one else is. I thought I’d cut them out, but I’d have to cut the inner lining of the jacket and sew it back up. And I’d risk the shoulders looking funny once the padding is gone. It was a $40 jacket, which is a lot for an unemployed recent college grad.

So, fashionable jellies, have you noticed shoulder pads making a comeback? Do you have any jackets with them? Should I cut these out or just leave them?

Here’s the jacket, but mine is long-sleeved.

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I am not fashion conscious at all. And I don’t really get out much. But my gut reaction is, if it looks good on you keep em in.

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Won’t there be extra fabric around your shoulders that would look bunchy if you took out the pads? I’d be so scared of damaging something so essential for interviews that I couldn’t afford to replace.

I say get a job first. Then decide what to do about the shoulder pads.

I haven’t purchased a jacket in ~10 years, but it was still long after shoulder pads were in fashion. They all had small pads in them.

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Just to be clear, since @Cupcake reminded me, I’m not talking about the tiny, barely noticeable pads that have never gone away. I’m talking legitimate shoulder pads.

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Yeah, I agree with @cupcake – even after the big shoulder pads went out of style, some clothes were still being made with the smaller shoulder pads, and they’re still doing it today. I doubt the great big ones (remember the horrible ones on Dynasty?) will ever come back, but the little ones are here to stay, I think, at least for tailored jackets. They’re probably not as noticeable as you think, and may even give your shape a nice balanced look. I say leave ‘em in. I bet you look great and good luck job hunting!

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Well shoot I answered too soon then, lol – sorry, @livelaughlove21 , I thought you meant the teeny ones. If they’re the big ones, I wouldn’t like having them in there, but yet it may screw up the lines of the jacket if you take them out. Leave them in until you find a job.

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If you have large shoulders, they will not look good. Otherwise, I’d say go for it. If you are large shouldered, get a new jacket. Even the little pads will make you look like a linebacker.

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I posted a picture of the jacket. It shows how big they are. They’re not tiny, but they don’t look like the ones from the 80s either.

I don’t have large shoulders.

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That link doesn’t work for me.

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The page won’t load for me :(

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This one? I’d leave them in.

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@Cupcake Yep, that’s the one. Here it is if that link won’t load for everyone either.

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I was wondering about shoulder pads too. I haven’t bought any or triĆ©d them on but I have heard conversations about them in the dressing room.

Mostly along the lines… If I took these out…. My memory of shoulder pads and taking them out… It almost never worked.

So if it looks good wear it with confidence as is. It is cute, and they are a couple steps away from the military maxi pads they used to have.

The other option you didn’t mention was returning it and getting one you are more comfortable with.

You can pull it off, but if you have doubts and want to save money get the most use out of item this might not be the jacket for you. However it may grow on you if returning it is for some reason not an option.

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If anyone is fashion conscious, they woul have noticed that all the Royal Family in Great Britian is wearing very noticable shoulder pads. They are all the rage in some circles.

I have several pieces of clothing with them and I love each one.

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I’d probably leave them in. In the pic, the shoulders don’t seem at all squared-off the way the 80s pads made jackets look, but like more of a nice rounded style I haven’t actually seen before. They appear to add definition more than bulk, at least in the photo.

If you do want to cut them out, don’t stress too much about extra fabric. Of course, every cut is different so I suppose there’s always a risk of this – but my mom and I have both taken out pads before with no ill effect. If you are still worried but want to try it anyway, an easy backup plan would be to go ahead and take them out, but also save the pads and buy some velcro strips to stick em back in after the fact if the jacket ends up looking baggy.

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If you’re built like her I like them and would leave them in. It gives her a nice line from shoulder to hip. If you have smaller hips they might not work. I have to see something to really get it.

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That link didn’t work for me, but here’s my 2 cents. We’re the same age and probably have the same views on shoulder pads. Why oh why would anyone want broader shoulders? However, I have to say, I have at least one blazer and have owned other things in the past that have SMALL shoulder pads, and they actually look really good. They just give the shoulders more of an “edge” without making them larger, and I don’t really mind that at all. So if it’s like that, Id say stay with them. If they’re huge and terrible, I guess cut them out. But that sounds like a hassle, and honestly if you didn’t even notice them at first they probably aren’t that bad.

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Here’s what I think. The shoulder pads should stay in the jacket.

Also I wouldn’t worry about the idea that other people may not be wearing shoulder pads, wouldn’t you want to have a little bit of your own style? Sometimes sticking out in a fashionable but pleasing way is a good thing. The jacket is very pleasing when I looked at the picture and that’s with the shoulder pads.

Sexy is whatever you want it to be. :) And I think or at least hope nowadays it’s starting to be more about being yourself than to “feel stupid wearing shoulder pads if no one else is.”

It’s not stupid! You have the jacket so you liked the jacket as it was, so personally I think you should wear it that way. Besides I think the 80’s is kind of still here and never left, do i have to say leg warmers!

Leg warmers at Kohl’s!

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Very cute jacket! It doesn’t scream “shoulder pads”. I’d leave them in.

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