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Has anyone here tried "" to stop robocalls?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34729points) December 11th, 2013

I hate Robocalls. I am on the Do Not Call list but still get them. Someone told me about this service but I am suspicious. Why? Because I have to give them my email and phone number before they will tell me if they will block the numbers. That smells fishy to me. I want to know before I give out my info.
So, has anyone here tried it? What were the results?

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Never heard of it till now but have Googled it and am seeing many links. Sounds interesting and possibly not smelly.

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It’s credible. It works by screening all your calls comparing it to extensive internet databases of known robocallers. Hangs up by the second ring for you.

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I normally screen my calls and let voicemail pick up if something looks suspicious.

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They don’t service my carrier. Thanks for the tip though. It’s a great idea!

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:( It’s not available in my market. But thanks for letting us know about it.

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Does anyone get unwanted calls from “Ray the Carpet Cleaner”? He calls often to offer cleaning your carpets for X dollars per room.

My phone system here can block up to 10 numbers, but that’s the limit. The problem with trying to block the carpet cleaner is that the “calling number” keeps changing. Apparently he uses a method called “spoofing”. I’ve gotten tired of reporting each number to the Do Not Call Registry, because it’s a new number each time. It was no use at all.

If I have to report each new number to Nomorobo, then that won’t work either. I can’t be chasing this guy around, writing down every number and reporting each one. I’m thinking of canceling my phone subscription, or changing the number. Happens only on my land line, by the way.

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But why do I have to tell them my email address and phones first? Shouldn’t they know upfront who they service? Why isn’t there list?
A simple list would not waste my time – and privacy.

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@gailcalled I don’t answer the carpet cleaner’s calls, either. But the problem is, he always leaves a voicemail. On my system, I have to listen to at least the first word of the vm before I can erase it. Most annoying.
The carpet cleaner is so notorious in these parts that someone once suggested that we all make appointments for carpet cleaning but at a non-existent addresses. Or make an appointment for a neighbor that you don’t like. But I wouldn’t want to get him mad at me; he already has my number!

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@2davidc8: In the scheme of things, as my grandmother might say, “hearing one word should be your worst problem.”

However, you are in good company. Check out this long list of enraged people who have had and continue to receive calls from Ray.

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@gailcalled Yes, I’ve reported him at, too. No use, nothing seems to stop him.

Any jellies out there, if you haven’t been called by Ray the Carpet Cleaner, you should consider yourself lucky.

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@2davidc8: Is he (or the company) regional? If so, where? I haven’t had carpets in my house in 27 years, but I guess some people still do.

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@2davidc8 ”...the carpet cleaner’s calls…”

Make a sign “Boycott Phone Spamming Retailers like RAY THE CARPET CLEANERS”

Photograph yourself on the street holding the sign at a busy traffic intersection.

Send Ray a copy with a request to remove your number.

Sounds like Ray needs his clock cleaned.

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@LuckyGuy Apologies for what has turned out to be a hijacking of your question. Just to answer @gailcalled, but after this I won’t say anything more about Ray the carpet cleaner.

@gailcalled He appears to be regional, he calls all around the San Francisco Bay Area. The “calling from” number can have an area code from anywhere in the country, even Nevada and Oklahoma or “800” numbers. And no, I do not know the address of the business, so I could not send him my picture, @RealEyesRealizeRealLies. He has been mentioned in newspaper articles, yet he still persists.

So, you see, he has been extremely difficult to stop. To get back on track with the original question, if someone has had good results with Nomorobo, I would certainly like to know.

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