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Do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek and why?

Asked by DWW25921 (6453points) December 11th, 2013

The age old question! I like them both but I have to say I like Star Trek for the simple reason that it’s got more variety and doesn’t just follow a main story line. I like the different adventures. That’s my personal opinion anyway. Let me know what you think!

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Stars Wars.

Ya know… wookies.

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Star Trek by a light year. I find Star Trek more interesting and I like the humor better.

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Generally, I’d prefer a trek to a war, any day. I’d much rather an adventure without a war.

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I’ve always preferred Star Trek for the reasons mentioned by Stu ^... I liked the messages of diversity and wanting to peacefully explore.

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Star Wars for sure. I will say however that the movies are my least favorite part of the SW universe, the novels are where it’s at.

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Apples and oranges, and Star Trek was the apple I liked. Great stories and characters from the original series onward. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

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The Star Trek saga is the winner for overall depth, but nothing will ever top the impact and influence of that first Star Wars release on not only the genre but society at large. That movie was an achievement beyond “landmark” status. I remember leaving the theater thinking that the film set a nearly impossible standard for whatever was next. Then came “The Empire Strikes Back” which I think is the best of the entire series. I don’t quite know why, but the films following the first three Star Wars movies just don’t hack it. It has to be the writing, because God knows, it ain’t the technical work.

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Dude, wouldn’t it be great if they did a movie where the Enterprise came forward in time and helped the alliance fight the Empire, I mean, Spock vs Vader! Who would not want to see this!

And the Klingons could totally wipe the floor with the Sith!

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^^^^ @rojo I’m banging the GA button, but it just won’t add more. LOL.
You know that commercial…“And is better”? Yeah, and is better.

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@rojo I can imagine something that epic… Suddenly, when the battle rages hot… The Battlestar Galactica shows up with The Doctor and the Tardis and half the nerds watching faint… Glorious.

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Star Wars.

Why? Because James Earl motherfuckin Jones is speaking. That’s why.

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@jonsblond Ooh… Yeah, there’s that.

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Star Trek.

The original Star Wars trilogy was wonderful for the time, and it ages ok if you ignore the cutesiness of the ewoks and other irritations. But every effort to update or continue it has been a dismal failure, so we’re left with three movies from the 70s and 80s. And even their best attributes, a complex hero like Han Solo or the Force (which can be a power for both good and evil), get neutered in Lucas’ treatment. These elements had such potential, but he let us down badly with his storytelling.

The Star Trek franchise, on the other hand, is large enough to encompass failures like Enterprise and still also present a brilliant series like DS9. There’s so much to explore. Sure, the themes get a little preachy from time to time, but that’s the price you pay for having a near-utopian society, you know? And all those uniforms in their cosy primary colours. I mean, come on.

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chest pounding and leaf throwing

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Hee-hee, this should be fun. Star Wars because it’s good, maybe if there was a competent alternative, but Trek is just fucking awful.

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Star Trek. Better message, more compelling depiction of the future, technologically and scientifically more realistic, better stories, better characters.
Star Wars is just retarded knights, princesses and evil wizards in space, and anyone who likes Star Wars is a retard, too

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How could I forget, a lot of Trekkies are irrational moronic fanboys who spit pathetic fury toward anyone who dislikes their “baby”...tragic really.

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Trek. The characters are great, kirks slutty, trouble with Tribbles, etc.. Wars does not compute lol

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My Tribbles could kick your Ewoks ass any day.

With just one little Tribble in the morning, by early afternoon your forest is mine, Tribble town.

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Star Wars Original Trilogy A.
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy B
Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoon B

Star Trek Original Series A-
Star Trek TOS cartoon show B+
Star Trek Next Generation A-
Star Trek Deep Space Nine B
Star Trek Voyager B-
Star Trek Enterprise C
Star Trek The Motion Picture B-
Star Trek movies 2–4 A-
Star Trek movies 5–7 D
Star Trek movie 8 A
Star Trek movie 9–11 C-
Star Trek reboot C (total Star Wars rip-off)

I have not seen the newest ST movie. I heard they brought Khan back. I am worried the next one will bring back Harvey Mudd, which would require burning down the theater.

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@filmfann Nice list. Definitely thought the clone wars cartoon was better than the prequel movies though. Yea there were some kiddy filler eps here and there but the level of character development and some of the stuff they did on the more adult episodes was just wow….

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@uberbatman thanks. There is just no describing how bad Star Trek V is, though.

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Star Wars Original Trilogy B-
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy F
Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoon C

Star Trek Original Series B
Star Trek TOS cartoon show B
Star Trek Next Generation B+
Star Trek Deep Space Nine A
Star Trek Voyager C
Star Trek Enterprise F
Star Trek The Motion Picture C
Star Trek 2 A
Star Trek 3 B-
Star Trek 4 B
Star Trek 5 D
Star Trek 6 A-
Star Trek 7 D
Star Trek 8 B
Star Trek 9 C+
Star Trek 10 D
Jar Jar Trek 1 D-
Jar Jar Trek 2 into shitness F—

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I liked voyager but it wasn’t nearly as good as DS9 and everyone is right about Enterprise… Meh… I heard rumors they may do a Klingon series? Has anyone heard this?

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