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Do you think Fluther would be less addictive if we were all in person having these conversations?

Asked by Trustinglife (6638points) June 26th, 2008

I asked this question here and was asked to make it a separate question.

I wondered, “What if we were in person having these conversations? Just a hypothetical. If we all lived in the same town or something, and regularly met to talk about interesting thingsā€¦ would Fluther still be an addiction then?

Or is it the internet interface that somehow changes it from just talking into an addiction?” Discuss.

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Me like anonymity!

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That would be one crazy town. We’d have to have dinner parties all the time.

I could say that hanging out with my friends is an addiction, but fluther is a different kind of addiction. It’s more available. With the internet you can pop in and out whenever you want. You can’t call up your friends at one in the morning to ask a question, but you can always go to the collective.

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“dinner parties all the time” sounds great until you remember that someone has to cook.

I like fluther because I don’t have to cook.

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And dinner parties are expensive.

fluther isn’t.

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I can cook! =) I’d love to live in the same town as everyone here. Surounded by all this genious and all the great people? Now that would be the life.

To answer the question though, I’d still wanna hang out as much as possisble because i love the conversations that go on. Plus you guys are just great!

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I do think it would be less addictive because of flexibility issues. You asked this question an hour ago. If this was in real life, and I arrived an hour late to the party, I would have missed the opportunity to discuss it because by then you guys would be on a new question/topic! I agree with pete, my friends are also an addiction but in a completely different way. And let’s say we all lived in the same town, imagine alllllllll the schedules we would have to get by to meet at a time when everyone is available. Of course, i am probably analyzing the question too much but I know how hard it is to just get all my friends together for a party now (i am usually the planner). And if you think we go off topic now, wait till you get all of us in a room together :). The internet makes it accessible at all times, you can fluther and multi task (chat, watch tv, music etc) at the same time. What’s not to love? So yep, I do think it would be a lot less addictive in real life and that the online interface just takes it to an all new, greater level.

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Haha, I read that as prison rather than person. In which case no.

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However, I think that there would be a great many digressions if we were all together in some elaborate time and space bending room of confabulation. ...And all discourse would presumably lead to how amazing said room is.

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I believe a few fights may break out if we all come together.

Back to the question, PnL said what I feel. We would never all be together in the same time period, so we would never be able to have such great answers to questions.

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I think of Fluther as a 21st-century version of a Paris salon in which people discuss interesting ideas. My husband and I used to have parties like that in the 80s, but you had to clean your house first and buy booze.

This is better. Although I think a live Fluther-in might be an interesting idea someday.

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@shockvalue: I read it as prison the first time I saw it too; I had to go back and read it again.

What if we were all in prison together? Scheduling wouldn’t be a problem. Then again, could it be an addiction if there wasn’t really anything else to do?

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Man. Is there a Fluther-con in the works?

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I think we would have to meet at a stadium somewhere because there are an awful lot of us! For that reason alone, I don’t think it would be as addicting.

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Everyone would probably want to talk at once. Who would be the listeners?

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I’m more of a chimer. I just chime in from time to time. When I wasn’t chimeing, I’d listen.

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@Randy:Chiming, schmining…with this crowd, you’d have to be a conversationalist interruptus.

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