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Is there a way that someone can become incredibly stupid because of external problem?

Asked by nerevars (221points) December 12th, 2013

You know that character from movie or story that always make a mistakes and screwed up even at a simplest task? I’ve become that person. I don’t know why but I feel whatever choice I make or anything I do always end up wrong.

I wasn’t like this before, I don’t want to be sounds like conceited but I was performing better than most of the other student in school. It just keep getting worse each day. I kept forgetting things, I didn’t remember someone say something to me but they say they did, etc.

Is there any connection between my stupidity and my (self diagnosed, I haven’t go to psychologist) Bipolar Disorder?

And there is a family issue, financial crisis, and college stuff that happen in my life. But are those can really affect me?

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You are not stupid or dumb, it’s just your family problems and other issues that’s causing you to lose focus. You have already mentioned you were not like this before. Most of us embarrass ourselves many a times and makes mistakes too. Just don’t let it bother you so much. Think a little more carefully about what you say or do.You can also seek the help of a therapist or counselor to help you get through this.

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Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Deal with one thing at a time, and give yourself breaks. You’ll get back to normal. If you really think you might be bipolar, see a psychologist ASAP.

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Lack of good deep sleep will effect your I.Q.

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You have asked several similar questions since you joined fluther in Sept.2013 and appear to be suffering still. Refer back to all those answers, please, about how to get some help. I know that you have run into strong family resistance and live in a country where it is not easy to deal with your issues. Is your family still resistant?

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Give yourself a mental slap. Focus on school while at school. Eat healthy, get 8 hours of sleep. Stress is a killer.

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Try not to undermine yourself by thinking negatively. Think positively and strive to be cheerful.

We all go through up’s and downs in life. This too shall pass!

Google “the Desiderata” and read it. It’s a very good and inspirational piece on life and how to approach it.

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Maybe being overly stressed is causing this forgetfulness and mistakes. Make sure you are managing your time well so you can reduce the stress some. There is so much to do with college! I felt really overwhelmed with all the work this past semester, having health issues, and my house is a trash hole because I have not had time to clean it due to all the work. That stresses me out.I keep a planner and constantly write down, check and recheck. You are not stupid and negative self talk is just going to bring you down! Tell yourself “I am smart and I can do this” then double check and make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row! I don’t know a whole lot about Bipolar disorder but there is manic and depressive phases. Maybe when you were doing well it was the manic phase and now its in depressive. I don’t know…just speculating. If you think you are Bipolar see a doctor and get treated. No point in suffering with it if there are meds that can help you. Also I think most colleges offer free counseling to students (mine does). Maybe that can help with the family issues. I hope you get out of this funk! Good luck to you!

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From the OP’s earlier questions relating to his/her mental condition, s/he says:

“I’m not American (so sorry for my English).

I was asking this was just to know if I really need to go to psychiatrist to get diagnosed or not since just for one visit is quite costly. And as a student studying in average 3rd world country college, I think there is no counselor or something like that here, maybe just a general doctor.

Family lack of support: What will you do if you think you have Depression but when you talk to your family, they say you are just making an excuse?

This is well beyond thinking positively, giving yourself mental slaps, and being stressed.

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Sometimes we end up with people around us who will go to any length to prove themselves to be the smartest person they ever knew. Well, since they aren’t the only way to accomplish this illusion (at least in their own mind) is to try and make those around them feel dumb.
Could any of that be going on?

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I agree with @gailcalled . Since this is a recurrent issue for you, it is time to get professional help. If you can’t find a counselor, you must have some access to a medical doctor even if you are in a developing country.

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How is the water where you live? Can you get your blood tested for heavy metals poisoning? Your issues are sounding to me like an internal cause complicated by external issues. While we know lead is a threat when found in our system, it is not the only threat. Even iron, which we need, and many of us suppliment, can be dangerous if too much is taken.
So many things can be the cause, but you REALLY must get medical help somehow.

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I, too, agree with @gailcalled and @janbb in every respect.

If it’s been over 4 years, it’s past time for advice and time for professional treatment. If you were going to shake it off or grow out of it, you would have by now.

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You’re not stupid. Maybe you’re just entering another life phase or maybe it’s just stress? There could be any number of factors. Could even be your diet. Don’t be to hard on yourself. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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@ibstubro ADD is another possible root cause.

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You should probably make an appointment with a medical doctor to be checked for physical problems, such as allergies. If you need to see a mental health professional, a referral from a medical doctor could ease some of the pressure from family/culture.

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@gailcalled @janbb @ibstubro I’m sorry if somehow I bother you all by spamming these question. But, when I tried to talk to my family and they seem didn’t even think that mental illness is exist which making it worse. It seems like my motivation fade away each day, I feel tired all the time, no matter how much I sleep, I can’t even talks right without stuttering to compose the sentence I want to say and the worst is sometimes, when I got depressed by doing something stupid, suicidal thoughts is always resurfaced stronger than before.
Once again, I’m sorry if I bother all of you, I tried to keep the span between question is long enough. Since I don’t have someone to talk to either because they abandoned me or been driven away by my terrible nature and the notion of seeing them again makes me suicidal for all the thoughts it would force upon me.

@talljasperman It’s 1 am when I type this, and I need to wake up at 6 am. It’s been like this for several weeks. And before two weeks ago, every weekends, I don’t sleep for 24 hours for work.

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@nerevars We’re not saying you’re bothering us; we’re just saying that you need to get more help than we can give. How old are you? You need to start taking charge of your own life and mental health and not be accepting your parents’ judgments. This doesn’t mean you have to fight them; just take care of yourself.

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@nerevars I am sorry some of the responses here have suggested you should simply be stronger. I am even sorrier that you live in a place where seeking help for mental illness is not valued.

I have a mental illness, bipolar disorder. I did not diagnose myself. You cannot diagnose yourself. It must be done by a professional.

Your situation sounds dire, and I am at a loss for words.

Let me say this. People with mental illness are some of the strongest people I know. We must be strong to go against our families and cultures and seek help. It is obvious that you are going to have to call the doctor yourself. Your family isn’t going to call for you.

Please, call a doctor. Call any doctor, and make an appointment. Explain your situation on the phone, and tell the doctor you need to talk to a professional. Beg.

The pressure you get from family is very strong and very difficult to rebel against.

You do not need to mentally slap yourself, and the advice you got suggesting you should give yourself some mental slaps was bad advice. You need to give yourself a big hug. You are holding yourself together during a very difficult situation. I understand. I have been in that situation.

I wish you the best of luck.

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@nerevars We’re not saying you’re bothering us; we’re just saying that you need to get more help than we can give.

@nerevars Please, call a doctor. Call any doctor, and make an appointment.

THAT is as much as Fluther can provide.

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And keep in touch with us. Let us know.

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@nerevars. Yes, definitely get some help you need someone that you can talk and confide in that has insight into what the problem might be (a doctor). I would not completely discount that stress might be an issue. It can cause major problems (problems w/ concentration and memory, lack of sleep, racing thoughts, irritability, the list goes on). I would think if symptoms of stress continue over a long period of time that it could lead to more serious health problems.

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Could be some form of depression, too.

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Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Get yourself to a medical doctor, as soon as possible.

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Thanks for all the answers.

It just that I’ve fallen to deep. I don’t have enough money to go to doctor (psychologist) since they’re so expensive and if they suggest me to take a medicine which is expensive too. But when I say that I need their support to see a doctor, they told me that I don’t need to since (I think) they don’t believe mental illness is exist.

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@nerevars If you are a university student, can you see whether or not your school has a doctor? Start there.

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Do you have any older family members besides your parents who might listef to you and offer some help?

Or do you have a teacher, counselor or advisor at school to turn to?

What country do you live in? Is there a general stigma against mental illness?

I am sorry you thought you were bothering me. You aren’t. I am just sad to learn that you continue to suffer. Do you have a family doctor you could speak to on the pretense of having severe headaches or some other physical ailment that your parents would accept as legitimate?

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At least first decide that you really need a doctor. Advice from an internet community is nice, but we cannot responsibly give sound advice; only a professional can.

Try to scrape together as much money as you can—what else are you going to do with it that it more important than being healthy? Then show your parents that you yourself are willing to chip in as much as possible for the treatment, showing that you are serious about it, and just need them to complement your efforts.

Faking physical ailments that you parents might accept can be dangerous as they might see it as more attempts to be lazy or something—however, if nothing else helps, you have to try everything.

Also, let go of the thought that you might be bothering people. It might be difficult to see this now, but at least consider that if you get through this, you will realize that we are here voluntarily with no other intention than helping people, and that the people around you also wish you the best, even if that might not seem to be the case from your perspective right now.

Again, try to get help, and let people help you. You’re not a burden to any one.

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