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How do I obtain a Nano-sim card for my phone?

Asked by raven860 (2163points) December 13th, 2013

So, I have my Galaxy phone under contract but I do not like it and I wan to sell it. Hence I ordered a phone-out-of-contract that I like. My plan was to switch the sim card into it and enjoy! However, the new phone has a tinier… a “nano-sim card” that I got along with it where as my old Galaxy has a bigger sim card.

How can I get this fixed? Will At&t help program the new sim card for me?

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Go to At and T and have them scan the barcode inside your phone. They will also give you a new SIM card (it might cost like ten dollars) and then all your account settings will also be adjusted to work with your new phone :)

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You can either cut it to the correct dimensions or head over to an ATT store so they can provide you the correct one and activate it for you. If it’s a corporate store, they will not charge you.

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@Smitha, forgot about cutting it down! I’ve done that before…

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You go to the store.

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