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Do you ask a question when you have to or when you merely feel like?

Asked by khajuria (255points) December 13th, 2013

When do you type in a question? Just when it comes to your mind or do you tell your mind to start framing it when you feel like?

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Any time a random question pops into my head from nowhere, I immediately ask before the thought & the interest is lost.

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I never really “have” to ask a question here. Sometimes I feel like asking one.

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Although I learn a lot from reading posts on serious matters when I ask a question it is usually for mere entertainment. Like @ucme said one may just pop in my head.

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I rarely ask questions, and many times when I have a question come up in my mind, I forget what it was by the time I get to my computer.

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Depends on how drunk I am.

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Generally both those reasons coincide when I ask a question, I feel like asking it because there is a need, on other occasions an idea pops into my mind and inspires a question.

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When I feel like it. And that tends to be very rarely, unfortunately. I have a few questions but often I feel like they’re too nebulous.

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