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Do you base your judgements about the person you are talking with solely on what he does or what he says?

Asked by khajuria (255points) December 13th, 2013

If not, what do you base your judgements on?
What exactly? IF its that you can never know about a person really, then what makes you make impressions of him in your mind?

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Why would it be solely one thing? For me, it’s what the person says, what they do, how they react to things, how they treat others, how they treat me and how they handle various situations.

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I rely on my senses based on what a person says, how they say it and the type of life they are living.

In life you may meet many who have a considerate tongue but you may feel uncomfortable in their presence.

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Actions speak louder than words.

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I rely on my Spidey-senses. I usually get a pretty good read on people when I listen to my gut. When I ignore my guy, I always regret it.

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what do you mean you ignore your guy?

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@khajuria Thank you for catching my typo! lol

Too late to fix it. It should say gut, not guy.

Duh! I’m really on a roll today. Somebody take away my phone.

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I pay attention to what people do, and I watch to see if their actions and words match. Watch out when they don’t!!

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I give people time. If they start to irritate me, I move on.

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“the person you’re talking with” set me to thinking. I don’t know how to answer the question, but it seems that what is said should dominate everything while the conversation is taking place. If you know the person you’re talking with, judgements have already been made and others will evolve with the conversation. If you’re asking the question “Should a man be judged by the bugs crawling on him?” The answer is that he will whether he should or not.

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