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Are they even trying anymore?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) December 13th, 2013

Ok…I realize I phrased this question oddly. I really don’t even know about asking it, I’m just dumbfounded, I really am. I’ve been toying with the idea of asking this question for a while now but figured I’d hold off till someone could ask it more eloquently than I, but that seems to have not happened so I’ll give it my best stab.

Recently the US launched a spy satellite, nrol-39, the logo they chose for it….. it’s just wow… several points for bad ass but minus several million for looking like the bad guys…..

If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is .

Upon seeing it, two things popped to my mind immediately, the first being this (cause I’m a nerd) followed by this and then this

I don’t know, I just don’t understand how despite the US catching so much flak lately over the whole spying ordeal that they would settle on a logo such as that….. are they not even trying to hide it anymore? Is the message they’re trying to send “we can see what your doing whenever, where ever.” ?

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The emblem is stupid, yet accurate.
They should rethink their marketing of spying on the world.

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After seeing some of the ones used by fighter squadrons in the Navy, I can honestly say I’ve seen worse.

As for the marketing angle, who cares? People will love it because we are ‘Murica! We are the most awesome thing since ever! PR has rarely ever been a concern for us since, to many people, the only public whose opinion matters are our own; fuck the rest of the world.

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The nrol-39 may be more of a distraction while other real undercover spying program(s) take place.

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the sinister logo is obviously the work of someone who really loves his job, and frankly I doubt if any p r firm had anything to do with the choice. When I fist saw the logo on the daily show, I was shocked at the frankness of the imagery. notice that the bulk of the creature has already smothered the United States. You don’t even have to know which agency is represented by this patch to recognize that there is ABSOLUTELY no lofty or noble outcome to be expected from involvement with anyone or anything wearing it. It’s a slimy testimonial to an unpleasant truth. Who says there’s no truth in advertising?

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The American people won’t do anything about it anyways. It does make for a good story for lunch break.

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I hope China shoots it down.

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@cristinaemerson , They don’t just cover the world. They smother it.

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Spy satellites have been around for half a century and I don’t think the nations that have spying satellites have ever tried to conceal that they do, it part of a mutual deterrence.
(e.g. We can see what you’re doing so don’t try to tell us that’s not a missile launch platform)
People are rather used to the spy-in-the-sky fact of life.

A big difference between the satellite surveillance and the recent NSA shockers is that we always knew satellites were up there (even if their exact capabilities are secret) and we know they are limited to visible information.
While we used to feel comfortable that our wire communications were private and could be inspected only with a search warrant, and dragnet surveillance was not even practically possible. Now it’s clear that it’s not only possible but shockingly routine.

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It’s hard to represent a program with this kind of equipment: with butterflys and roses.

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It’s a veiled warning, obviously. shudder

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You made me laugh. I love the sketch. Look, everyone knows what it is… Why bother hide it anymore? At least it’s honest. Now there’s an irony

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Tony Stark can loosen that Octopussies grip. lol

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It is the same type arrogance that over funds the Pentagon budget year after year, instead of paying down our debts and fixing our own infrastructure such as schools, roads, and bridges.

Welcome to the corporatacracy:(

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