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What's the best/simplest wireless router?

Asked by ibstubro (18799points) December 14th, 2013

I linked to another question similar, but the information is over a year old, and I’m hoping for a personal (specific to me) opinion.

I have satellite internet, at it’s slowest, perhaps 54 Mps, no more. That’s what my current router thinks it’s doing.

I currently have a Linksys 2.4 GHz 802.11g Wireless-G router, but I’m moving to a new PC and I’ve misplaced the installation CD. (If this is a decent router, perhaps I can download the information, or transfer it from the old PC to the new one?)

I do not have security issues, as there is no neighbor.

I currently have 2 PC’s and a laptop to connect. One PC and the laptop currently share a receiver, which is a pain.

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Have you tried obtaining the installation software from the Linksys support page? I personally have always used Linksys products and have found even the least expensive model to to work fine for me. As for security, you sat you have no neighbors but that doesn’t mean you might not get hacked. Be sure to add a strong password to the system.

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You don’t need the installation CD. Usually you just plug everything in and visit to set everything up. If you are happy with your current one just keep using it.

If you want something more modern I have never had a problem with this. I even added two of these. The range is pretty incredible. I get a good signal on my iPhone a block away from my apartment.

I also have a few of these and they have always been very stable.

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Can I transfer the installation info from the old to the new system?

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If you are just switching computers all you need is the password for the wireless network. There is no need to mess with anything on the router.

If you don’t remember that password you should be able to visit to change it to something else. Unless you have changed it the user/pass for your router is probably:

user: leave blank
pass: admin

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just buzz on over and do it for me @johnpowell.

Just had to retrieve the the password yesterday]

Thanks, guy, I’m off to suck the brain from one PC into the other.

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If you ever had set a password on the existing router, and @johnpowell‘s helpful IP address to the router setup had you blocked because you can’t log in, you can reset the router to factory defaults – I always thought “user” was “admin” and “password” was “password”, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had to reset a router – and go on from there.

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On Netgear routers it is admin/password but on Linksys it is usually blank/admin.

And generally there is a little hole on the back of the router you can stick a pin in for ten seconds to set the router to factory defaults.

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The router I have, as it turns out, will NOT work with the new PC. Windows.

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What brings you to that conclusion? If the router works with anything it should work with everything.

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The Linksys site says the router I have will not work with a system newer than Vista and the nee PC is Win7

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NOTE: Linksys EasyLink Home Networking is compatible only with Microsoft® Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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I bought a netgear receiver and it cannot function with my linksys. I’ll have to buy a new router and cascade the old with the new until the new system is set up.

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