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Is there an American English counterpart to the Chamber's (British English) dictionary?

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what is so special about this one. is it just a dictionary. if so you could go with merriam-webster that is the first one i found but there are others

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@waterskier – the Chambers Dictionary is the official UK Scrabble tournament dictionary

Official Scrabble Players Dictionary is used in the USA according to wikipedia

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haha, i didnt know people got that legit with scrabble. pretty interesting i guess

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I haven’t seen the UK version, but have both the hard and paperback copy of the one that ccatron mentioned above. It is more concise in it’s definitions than a standard dictionary. So it’s perfect for teaching a child to expand their vocabulary and logic skills.

I used it with my son when he was young. When he was first playing and, in order to even out the playing field, I allowed him to use any word that he could find in it, as long as he read aloud the meaning after he found it. He thought he was pretty good at it until he met his cousin, younger and female, and she left him in the dust. After that, he was determined to master it and found Literati online and got all of his buddies interested in playing as well. He would also play online with a cousin all the way across the country on a regular basis. He not only had fun, but expanded his vocabulary to an amazing level.

It’s also great on sea days when on a cruise and you wouldn’t believe the age range and types of people you see playing it onboard.

It’s not only a simple crossword game when you get good at it, but a skilled person can build blocks of interlocking words in one play, thus racking up the points. My son is a master at this and it is very rare these days that I can beat him.

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