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My cat rubbed her nose raw on her pet carrier trying to get out what can I do for it?

Asked by Shelley1851 (5points) December 14th, 2013

My cat rubbed her nose raw on her pet carrier what can I do for it

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Once she is out of the carrier and more comfortable, it should get better on its own. You might put a little antibiotic ointment on it. It should get better by itself, though.

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What if she tries to lick it off?

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Our veterinarians have instructed us to use A&D ointment for our cats numerous times over the years. I agree that you don’t want to use anything with medications unless prescribed or recommended by the vet – what is inert to humans can be toxic to other animals.

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She is out of the carrier and it doesnt look horrible but a bit red I tried some ointment but she keeps licking it off

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How long had she been in the carrier? Had this happened before under similar conditions? Is the ointment recommended for cats?

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A&D ointment or a bit of Neosporin is fine, but not too much. I’d only apply it once or twice a day, and really, only for the first day or so.
If it is a minor abrasion it will heal on it’s own in a few days.
Sounds like you need to get a new carrier, one that is made of nylon mesh or another design that she cannot injure herself on.

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It will heal on it’s own, but you may apply a small amount of the Neosporin ointment, on a cotton swab or ball, to the wound after applying a small amount of a product such as hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound.
You can always seek advice from your vet, to set your mind at rest.

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I wouldn’t use Peroxide on a cats nose! No, no, no! That would sting like crazy unless highly diluted. The Neosporin is adequate IMO.

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Ladies, I feel I get one free shot tonight so…“It will heal on its own.” it’s = it is. That’s it on this subject until 2014. It’s a promise.

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@gailcalled I HATE that I do that! I do know better, it’s apostrophe reflex disease. haha

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@gailcalled “it’s” in the possessive sense is correct as well, no? I bow in deference to your knowledge. :)

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No. The possessive is “its.” “It’s” always means “it is.”

For example, from The Oatmeal

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Leave it alone, it will heal.

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@Shelley1851: ^^ @syz is our veterinary expert. Her advice trumps everyone else’s is.

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Everyone else’s is?” Gail! You’re slipping.Grammar dementia rears its ugly head. lol

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Grammatically, that is completely acceptable, even thought it’s nonsensical.

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^^^ LOL

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