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State budget question?

Asked by Recon_Warrior (22points) December 14th, 2013

The governor and who else draw up a state budget? i know one of them is a governor, but who else helps?

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It probably depends on your state. I’m assuming this is a homework question. I will give you a little clue but I won’t interpret it for you.
California Budget Process.

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I googled “Texas state budget” and found this discussion and explanation of who, how and when.

Scroll down to “Budget Background.” Next time you have a question about the complexities of the Texas government, I would bet that you can do the research yourself. We have already helped you three times.

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In New York, the governor has most of the authority to propose the budget, the theory being this prevents corruption. In practice, the governor just acquiesces to legislators’ corruption, of course.

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It’s done the same as the Federal Government: The Executive proposes, the Legislature considers, and modifies and alters, and approves a budget that is sent to the executive for approval or veto.

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