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Do you ever get the random urge to run?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1774points) December 14th, 2013

Sometimes I’ve been finding especially after work or later at night I just want to go for a run.

I want to find a place that is secluded my own little trail. Where I am I can’t just go out the door and do it. Too many cars and people.

Is it just me?

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Nope its not just you. I get that overwhelming feeling a lot. What holds me back from doing just that is the weather and bad timing. Too cold for me to get outside and run now. I miss that invigorating high of running in the fresh air.

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How cold is it where you live?

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I live in the Northeast….in the 20–30’s.

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Coldest run I’ve done so far was almost -20. Only 2 miles. Longest in cold weather but slower pace like 4 or 5 miles.

Alaska. Bah over it.

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@LDRSHIP. What makes you want to run? Do u enjoy running inside or do you prefer outside?

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If can I pick always outside, but the slick icy roads and such are not worth the risk I find. I hate treadmills with a passion. Bicycle machines I don’t mind.

They have a small indoor track so I run on that.

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Alaska? OMG. I must sound like a total whimp. Kudos to you! I prefer outdoors too. Looking at nature while I run gives me a euphoric feel. Inside running is very difficult for me. Hard to get motivated.

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Haha no it is not that great. At all hah. Actually I’ve found I like doing the run right after a decent amount of snow fall. It gives a little bit of cushion and grip. Although the packed down snow can get kind of weird it makes me think of running on round smooth rocks or something.

The worst is places where its a perfect layer of ice/snow and can’t see or really tell spots. Headlamp is useful for such.

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This guy is a better runner than I’ll ever be, but watching him was inspiring specially the winter stuff.

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Wow. That guy is amazing! I got a couple questions for you about running in the cold. If you don’t mind answering them. Do you ever have trouble breathing through your nose with the cold air? In the fall, I had trouble breathing through my nose. I would get a sinus type headache. I don’t have allergies, but something definitely bothered my breathing. Other question is, what’s the best clothes to wear for warmth? I probably don’t have appropriate clothes for winter. You got me wanting to go running….but I can’t. Its almost 4 am.

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By the way, Thanks for sharing that video. Where are you in Alaska? I have always wanted to visit.

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Actually yes, I have too. Maybe I am just use to it now. It is a dry cold here not sure if that matters. For me personally it is all about hydration. When I am not hydrated I can feel my nose and mouth dry quickly like cotton mouth. Eyes too. I did one time get a nasty sinus infection and the doctor gave a nasal cleaning kit. Which I still use time to time if I feel necessary he explained to me use it whenever I feel like it is needed just not infection.

I’m much more of a mouth breather than nose. I have a pretty badly deviated septum so breathing through nose is not that great I’ve found for myself.

For clothing I’ve always been told layers. Put too much on you over heat, comfortable balance. My NCO would tell me be comfortably cold haha. Guess I am little lucky being in military we get issued winter gear. Typically don’t go on very long runs with it being cold as it is. Don’t forget windchill and other weather factors make sure its not freezing rain or something crazy.

When I think about running in morning. I have long sleeve neck shirt, with a jacket wind breaker type. Shorts under, then pants (windbreaker type). I tend not get cold easily compared to others. Maybe its the extra lair of hairy ness hahaha.

Biggest 3 things for me is head,hands and feet. Oh and neck gaiters are really nice. I like to use a thin sock then a thick sock. I’ve seen some people use different shoes, and even thick wool socks or specific socks for winter. Gloves for me I find a insert also called contact glove like wool with another glove to put into it. Depends on how cold it is. Sometimes its overkill and just use inserts. Depends on the day and weather.

Headgear make sure it covers your ears, highly recommend a neck gaiter if its cold enough for it.

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I’m in Fairbanks. Interesting place, not for me personally to each their own.

PS Try youtubing some videos on “How to dress winter running” good ones on there.

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Thank you for the information. Need to get some shut eye before the sun comes up. Good talking with you about running. I don’t have a fellow runner and I enjoyed sharing information.

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You’re welcome. I should probably do the same it is almost 1 am here.

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Not at all. I hate running. I wish I loved it; staying fit would be a lot easier if I did. But alas, cardio=torture to me. I do it because I have to, not because I want to.

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I used to, often, during the years I was jogging almost daily, but unfortunately I now have a bad knee and can no longer run. However, I have a very pleasant, recurring dream in which I’m jogging or racing.

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If I’m running, you better run too, because something big is chasing me.

I do get random urges to do cartwheels or belly dance, though.

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I often get a random urge to run away; leave all the stresses and disappointments behind me and find tabula rasa.

Does that count?

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@SadieMartinPaul I’m more with you,my urge is to run away from the job, stress and all the hassles ,and would love to do it if I could convince Mrs Squeeky to do it as well.

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Nope. Hate running. Running makes me tired. Ew. I get the urge to sleep lol

Maybe the urge to just go outside.

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