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While on hallucinogenic drugs seeing in a reflection another reflection of yourself inside your pupils, and its demonic in that reflection? Mean anything?

Asked by doctorbob (14points) December 16th, 2013

I looked in the mirror while on ambiens and fake marijuana and saw a reflection of me opening up my eyes and staring back at me, but instead the relfection was a demonic looking version of me, and everything i did the reflection would follow so the refelction was real, and while i wasnt lookign up close in the mirror and looking in a body one, my body had demonic features and pupils were shaped like demons and i was alot buffer then usual but im usually a little cut, i even went to my room and curled like 55 lb dumbbels i have for small reps 15 times easy, and i looked down at my body and i looked really ripped, my pecks and abs and all were way better then they have ever been and my arms were huge, not even just in the reflection but just looking down at myself, and now everytime i do ambiens and fake together the same trip happens in the mirror with me seeing my demonic reflection and it seems like it wants to ask me somehting but cant speak….... any explanations for this one?

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You already said you were on drugs.
That is your explanation.

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I dont want to hear the you were on drugs and theyre bad stuff, i just want to know if this could mean anything or if it was just me being dumb enough to do drugs and doesnt mean anything

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Its actually legal marijuana and i have a prescription for ambiens, so itd be arguable in court, no STOP OR QUIT COMMENTS PLEASE

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just as a note, i have quit, i just want to know if this means anything or not

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No, it means nothing.

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It doesn’t mean anything and I’m not saying drugs are bad, however: drugs can do this to any one. It doesn’t mean anything, they just can alter you perception of the world. When you do do drugs, research them beforehand and be aware of the possible effects, so you’re not scared by them.

However, considering your asking this question, I think it might indeed be best not to do drugs.

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whenever i am on that combination of drugs, my eyes look fine whenever im not looking in the mirror, and i can go around and do anything and seem normal except everything i do i do 1.5x better. i lift weights 50–60lbs better, i play video games amazingly where im undefeatable, i run near 2x as fast and havent timed myself yet but beat a friend of mine in a race who used to eb faster then me, and everytime im looking in that mirror i feel like if i say yes to whatever it looks like its asking that 2x better me will stay permantently, but ill be sacrificed or something

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Yes, it means that you were hallucinating.

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What is “fake” marijuana ?

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What’s the matter with you, posting something like this on Fluther? Any way back to your question… The reason why you see yourself or thinking that you see yourself is because you were high and the sad truth is when you get high a few neurons die in your brain, every time you get high your brain looses a few neurons. Eventually you will end up been an addicted dumb ass to drugs. When hallucinating about yourself it’s how your subconscious sees your. It’s clear to me you have a weak self image and a flaw in you personality, you are trying to be this ’‘mister big” but in fact you are a mister small for using drugs. I don’t want to judge you but that’s the reality. I was a user once and I lost a lot because of it. Quit while you are ahead.

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I think what occurred with you is you had what they called in the 60s a “bad trip.”

Different drugs effect people different ways. You may or may not have the same reaction with another type of drug or it might be even worse.

If I were you I wouldn’t do any more testing.

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Do you not think that, if you had an actual demon inside you, he would be strong enough to not have to rely on you getting high in order to manifest himself?

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Stop the drugs. Be kind to yourself. You have a purpose in this world even if it hasn’t presented itself. If you are high, you might miss it.

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Looking into a mirror meditatively can be a useful exercise. Louise Hay has written about the potential of this kind of reflection.

I recommend taking a good long look in the mirror under other conditions (not altered state) and see what you find there.

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Every one has their demons of which each is the creation of that particular person in their own particular liking.

They are created because of that ones ego.
As as you see life through the eyes of ego, you foster a competitive spirit, this causes you constantly compare yourself to others and strive to outdo them so that you can be the best.

Now success has become a simple matter of outdoing those whom you meet.

Once you look at life with such eyes, life becomes hard and will become harder the more successful you want to become. As you strive to achieve success this way, is to give strength to your demon.

The Demon has very little regard for others except the step on them, so you see that your desire for success is inversely proportional to the love you have for others.

All the drugs has done in giving an artificially induces heightened awareness, in that it caused you to believe in yourself which is the same as negating self doubt. This is what causes you to be able to perform more efficiently.

But it also gave you the benefit of “seeing” your competitive Spirit, or your demon for what it is, which has taken hold of you through the desire to succeed.

Demons strive in subtility, this is most would be in denial of these things.
Demons are self destructive which is their unalterable nature.

Drugs become necessary to ease the inevitable success/failure cycle, for it pacifies the demon for a while but in the end failure will eventually reign for demon are self destructive.

The way out to negate your demon by negating your ego by being indifferent to the need to succeed. This would give you a life where people would be more important that someone else to out perform.
Instead you would see them for what they are, therefore understanding their distresses and actually being in a position to help. Never mind them rejecting your assistance, this is expected since they are still unwilling to admit to their own demon.

By doing this, you would have adopted the way of Love. The way of love is a sure success and do not worry, those who do not love, will undoubtedly disagree, for they have not put their shoulders to the wheel, because they are still reveling in the joys of apparent but temporary success.

Now with Love drugs is an irrelevant issue.

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