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What is your monthly iPhone data usage?

Asked by Olson (21points) June 27th, 2008

iPhone subscription plans has just been published for my country, and they’re crazy expensive. I need some hints on what plan to choose, so I ask you, dearest iPhone users: What is your typical monthly data usage (I presume it shows up on the bill)?

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I used 114,187 Msg/KB/Min last month. That might be a little higher than normal. And I definitely use the internet on my iPhone every day.

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So 114MB last month? Thanks. Anyone else?

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So far this month (November) I’ve used 3.71MB of data and 59 text messages. I couldn’t find very good data for previous months on the AT&T website.

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Where about are u guys from? I’m from England… On pay-as-you-go (o2) and get unlimited Internet usage and wi-fi free for a year and then after that 7.99 a month!!!

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@trickynicky: I’m from the United States so through AT&T we pay $20/month (for the 1st generation iPhone, it’s $30/month for the 3G iPhone) on top of what we pay for our regular voice plan for unlimited data. I feel bad for those of you who don’t get unlimited data through their carriers.

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That doesn’t sound too good at all!! And I thought it was the Brits that got ripped off!! Feel bad for u guys

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@trickynicky: Yea, $7.99/mo for unlimited data is pretty darn good, but there seem to be many carriers who don’t even offer unlimited data plans.

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