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What should I do?

Asked by AssyrianKing9 (178points) December 17th, 2013

It’s been two weeks now when I walk down the street, and there is this girl who passes by me every morning, she looks at me and I at her, eye contact, she looks at me without smiling.

Could she just looking at me like all normal people look at each other? Or not?
Should I talk to her?

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How normal strangers look at each other can vary. Perhaps she is catching your eye to be flirtatious. Perhaps you are reading more into the glance than is there. Try smiling the next time and see what happens.

How old are you?

(looks; no apostrophe for normal plurals)

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I’m 20 years old.

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Take it easy.

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If you are not currently in a relationship and want to get to know her better you may want to smile and say hello.

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Have you smiled at her while looking in her eyes? Have you ever said “good morning” to her?

But if she does not respond, don’t pursue it at all, don’t look at her anymore.

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Carpe Girl!
Seize the moment and make a move, say “Good morning, how are you today?”
Be BOLD, take action, see how she responds!

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Say something pleasant and non-threatening like “Good morning, that’s a very pretty dress” or “Thanks for you smile. It makes me feel good every time I see it.” If she smiles and responds in some way, as @Coloma say, Carpe Girl!

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Start by saying a simple HI!! if that is received well I suggest on your way by each other the next time you see her say How are you? and see if that opens the door to an actual full conversation, if it does then go for the digits or at very least ask if she wants to grab coffee sometime. Nothing ventured nothing gained is what I always say

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If I see her tommorow, I will simply say “Salut” ( in french means hi ), and see what happens.

And what if she’s not looking at me? what should I do then?

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You did say that she looks at you every morning. If tomorrow is different, perhaps it was all a fluke. “Salut” is good, so is a smile and a wink. (Is French your native tongue?).

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No French is not my native tongue, I live in France thought, my native tongue is Aramaic, i don’t think you heard about it.

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I do know something about Aramaic, being a Jew. Bibical Aramaic used the Hebrew alphabet; does modern Aramaic also? Is it a language spoken by a lot of people?

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Well Aramaic is one of the oldest language in the world, more ancien then Hebrew.
Aramaic and Hebrew alphabet have the same prononciation, but not same latters.
Aramaic is spoken by Assyrians, and Syrians nowdays.

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