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What is this song and who is this band from an episode of Doc Martin?

Asked by Kardamom (28414points) December 17th, 2013

This is driving me crazy. In the Doc Martin episode called Doc Visits a Wedding, there is a band playing at the wedding reception of Elaine’s father (Elaine is the Doc’s hideous receptionist). The band starts playing and the song starts at 3:35. You can see the video here:

I love this song, but I’ve searched the Google to no end. Apparently a lot of other Doc Martin fans are interested to know who this band is, and what the song is called.

The song and the band are not credited on the episode, at least not as far as I’ve been able to tell. I watch the show on Netflix, so at the end of an episode, the credits are all scrunched up so tiny that you can’t see them, but other people who have purchased the DVD’s also said they didn’t see any credits for this band.

In part of the lyrics, they seem to be singing, “To the white house, to the white house.” Does that ring a bell with anyone?

I thought maybe some of you Brits might recognize the band or the song and help an addict out.

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Don’t recognise the band or the song, maybe they’re just a bunch of session singers shoved into the scene at random. Without a credit & all those googling with no joy, certainly seems likely they’re not at all famous & probably not even a band at all.

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I’ve found several forums with people looking for the song, but no one actually finding it. I agree with one poster who said the seeker should contact the production company. They could probably put you in touch with the band who played in the episode (or their manager). Something tells me they didn’t bother to keep a record of what the song was.

The lyrics sound like “To the white house, to the white house. Walking along the cliff,” although I’ve seen some looking with the lyrics “To the lighthouse, to the lighthouse. Walking along the pier.” Or some variant on that. Which sounds dreadfully wrong to my ears.

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Yeah, I wasn’t sure what the lyrics were, exactly, either. Have not yet been able to find any contact info for the production company which is called Buffalo Pictures. Grrrrr.

Thanks for helping, though.

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@gailcalled I also love the theme to Doc Martin and I did download that.

Nerd alert! Nerd alert! Nerd alert!

This is all your fault by the way : P

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^^ Always a pleasure.

Given the location, what about “To the lighthouse, to the lighthouse, walking along the cliffs”?

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@gailcalled You might be the only person who can appreciate or be horrified by This Piece of Music from a very funny movie starring and directed by Martin Clunes called Hunting Venus, in which he plays a washed up 80’s new wave band member that gets back together for one last hurrah. I actually really liked this song, but almost sh*t myself when I saw Martin in his band costume.

Yes, I do have a big red letter “L” plastered upon my forehead : P

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The lyric is either, “To the white house/wine house, walking along/walking alone with you.”

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@Kardamom: Clunes is such a good sport that his charming nature shines through every role, even this one. Nothing will ever top “The Commitments” for the genre, but I always feel more cheerful after a YouTube infusion of Martin, no matter what he is wearing. (Maybe it’s the dimples?)

“L” for what? Loyal, literate, loquacious, learned?

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Clunes making a “spectacle” of himself.

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^^ God! I love his hair! And his dimples ; P

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A young Martin in Doctor Who, his bit begins @1.:15…enjoy

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^^ Oh Yes! I had that clip bookmarked several weeks ago. Love a man in a dress and eyeliner, especially when it’s Martin : )

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the song is actually called
“monkey man” by “toots and the maytals” although not the same lyrics as the song in doc martin was probably adapted you will definitely recognise the tune! it bugged me for ages but i believe i have cracked this one :D

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THANK YOU…. that song has been in my head all morning as I just started (for the 3 round) re-viewing DM series and saw that wedding episode. Song is catchy and stuck in my head and had to know the origin…not what I expected but glad to know….whew !

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