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What's on your bucket list?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7244points) December 17th, 2013

Do you have a bucket list? What is/would be on it? If you have made out a list, is anything crossed off? Do you add to it?
Do you think you would freak out if you got everything crossed off?

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Learning to fly.. in particular parapente / para sailing.

I actually set out to France, for a course, before, but that went sour. that trip actually confirmed my presumptuous fear that it may every now and then proof hard to make a planning with French, in particularly with para-sailing instructors. They seem to me somewhat like surf dudes.

Another thing I would like to do is pick up diving again… that may proof hard though, since I was deemed medically unfit to dive after I had a diving accident in 2002.

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Become a mortician.
Getting something published.
An underwater kiss (that shit can’t be as easy as it looks)
Get a tattoo that says “made in china”
Make a snowman is crossed off, finally. I never made one as a child. And I live in Alaska. What the heck?

There’s more, but I don’t remember. I add to it every now and then.
I don’t see why I would freak out if I got everything crossed off. That’s kind of the point.

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What if I don’t have a bucket list? What does that say about me?

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@Adirondackwannabe It says that you are either profoundly content or choose not to dream.

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A trip to Ireland and Scotland.

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A year in Paris, and a month in Cuba.

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@stanleybmanly GA, I dream all the time.

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@Adirondackwannabe don’t believe it. I don’t have a bucket list. I just do things as they come. I always wanted to skydive and one day the opportunity presented itself and I went. My chute didn’t open correctly and I had to pull my reserve chute. My first and only jump so far. My husband tells me that I have more to live for every time I mention that I am ready to go again. Just because we don’t act on all our dreams, doesn’t mean we don’t have them.

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I’ve crossed skydiving off my list. The only thing left is to see more of the world; but that would require funds that I don’t have, unless I hit the huge jackpot last night!

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See as much of the world as possible.
Move to Drumnadrochit in Scotland.
Own a Skye Terrier.
See Reba McEntire in concert.

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Get Frodo to stop biting and chasing cars.

Find a satisfying love.

The rest is gravy..

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Spend a significant time travelling around the country. My husband and I discuss it once in a blue moon. It would be in retirement. He talks about it in an RV and I tend to think of it in hotels/house trade/condo rental. There are some countries I would still like to visit also, but I don’t know if it is a bucket list item. Spain is one, and Switzerland. I’d also like to take a crusie through the Panama Canal. My dad loved China and Israel, and everyone says Prague is amazing, maybe I should add those.

I want to own my own business. I just have no idea what it will be.

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Complete my piano book of highly mediocre hymn arrangements.

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Spend 1 night in the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

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@Adirondackwannabe well, it doesn’t mean anything wrong. You don’t HAVE to write it anywhere. If you have a some thing(s) you deeply want to experience/accomplish before you die, that’s your bucket list. goals are what you make regarding building your life, bucket list is what you want to gain from your life before you go. As @stanleybmanly pointed out, it could mean you are deeply content, and don’t feel the need to chase after any dreams. It could mean you are still processing what is really important to you, and will end up realizing later what special thing you want to put on your list. Personally, I feel the best way to make a bucket list is listen to yourself when you say, “Someday I want to _________________.” When you realize you’ve said that several times about something, it should be on your bucket list.

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@stanleybmanly nice list. Also very nice reply to @Adirondackwannabe. Well said.

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@Juels I’ve also thought that might be “cool” to do someday.

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First, I need to get a bucket to put the list in. Then I’ll worry about what to put in it!!

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@dxs ?????????? I sure hope you get your wish.
@JLeslie What an exciting list!
@TheRealOldHippie Just remember to fill it before you kick it!
@janbb Very sweet. I bet when you find the love, all sorts of new things will suddenly get added to your list, together.
@Leanne1986 Nice list. I’m not a country fan, but I find Reba very exciting and inspiring.
@hearkat Absolutely! Sounds like your husband worries after you a bit. How sweet!
@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Sounds nice, but I can’t help feeling amused thinking of seeing a pachyderm strolling about Ireland.LOL
@AshLeigh Very cool list. I have known people who didn’t want to cross the last item from their list because it would mean they’re done, which sounds awfully final. I guess it’s superstition, like when I was young, LOTS of people would not prepare even one diaper in advance of a baby being born for fear the delivery would be jinxed.

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@whitenoise Nice list. Don’t give up. I saw on a saturday morning kid show, forget which one, that an aquarium has a special program for vets with PTSD to take them diving in one of their big tanks with even whale sharks. How cool! I think it might have been Georgia Aquarium. Perhaps if you check around, you might find an opportunity which fits you. Good luck!

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I’ve had an interesting life, traveled some, lived in magical areas up here in the Sierra Foothills for decades. Right now, the only thing on my bucket list is getting a home of my own again after my Titanic hit the economic Ice Berg and sunk my Nirvana last year.
I HATE the city!
I MUST get back on property and regain my Walden Pond dream that I enjoyed for so long.

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! @Coloma , I am hoping to buy a sizeable rural property where I can develope a number of sanctuary settings. I want to plant a large crop of milkweed plants, to give migrating monarch butterflies a place to safely lay their eggs. I also want to house a large number of little brown bats. They are dropping in numbers rapidly, and their main source of food is mosquitoes. A drop in their numbers allows the mosquito pop to explode. I also want a frog bog. My daughter and I have discussed at length what should be included. We want flowers of many variety growing wild, and three or more types of strawberries. Strawberry fields forever…... Sorry, my old brain drifting.
Once I have it well established, however, I want to leave it in the care of my daughter, or someone else (deserving and trustworthy), and retire in Panama. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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@Jonesn4burgers Well…I’ll be your Huckleberry! lol
I am a nature nut to the 10th power. I had 5 acres and it was a mini-wildlife preserve. I miss my tree frog friends so much! I used to hand feed them moths under the porch light at night in the summers.

I would stay up late so they had extra feeding time before I turned the lights off. haha
I’d like to keep honey bees too and I adore bats! My biggest dream would be a waterfowl sanctuary, mostly for rescued domestics. Give geese a chance! haha

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I don’t really have a bucket list, I’m fairly content after a very wild younger life…lol
I’m just thankful I’ve survived.

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@Jonesn4burgers I’m creating the book right now, and I want to finish it before I die.

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Learn to fly the little planes. If I ever get enough scratch together I’d love to buy one. RVs, pffft – a Cessna, now that’s freedom.

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I would like to see China and do the Yangtze cruise. Maybe next year.

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To move out of the United States.
Go Skydiving.
Start a communal living home.
To make a decent living off my own creativity.
To raise a happy adult child.
To visit Ireland. But not all tourist-y, with the package trip and all. I just want to go and wander about for a month or so. Then I’ll spend some time in the UK tormenting all of my favourite Limeys.

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When I get to do something I have always wanted to do, it’s mentally crossed off a “bucket list”.

This summer I got to go to the Tony Awards with my sister. Definitely a bucket list item.

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To win the money I would need to get out of the south and move close to my family and friends.

To live in a little house near the ocean.

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Well I did have, “see the Great Wall of China”, but I hear the smog is so bad that you can’t even make out the wall anymore. So I have to scratch that one off.
Grand Canyon,
sky diving
See the Aurora lights, and take a cruise where I can see the whales.
Visit the Alps.
Take a family vacation up in the woods somewhere in a nice cabin by a lake, away from civilization for a week.
Visit Japan again.

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Live in northern Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Travel throughout Canada by car.

Hike the Appalachian Trail.

Circle Lake Superior

These are things I dream about. Whitewater rafting a class IV-V river in Colorado was a dream I was able to fulfill a few years ago. It was the best time of my life.

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This year I stood on the Grand Ole Opry stage, that was definitely a big tick off my bucket list :)

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@jonsblond You reminded me that I want to go whitewater rafting. I guess that is a bucket list for me too. I don’t have a specific location though. For some reason I never have been able to make it happen. I need to focus on it, I’m glad you mentioned it.

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Make it as far as Base Camp on Everest.
See the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.

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@Jonesn4burgers: Growing milkweed takes no effort if you have the right land, I have several acres of old field covered with milkweed. It wanders into my flowerbeds where I do yank it out. I brushhog the fields once in late summer.

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@gailcalled Oh, you shouldn’t waste milkweed! It’s good for food in at least three ways (don’t believe the talk about needing to boil and blanch it a bunch of times. Pure nonsense), and when the fluff dries late in the season it can be used for pillow stuffing. It has a better insulation factor than goose down! Heck, I’ll come harvest it all for you next summer if you like :)

@jonsblond If you make it to the AT for a thruhike or NE section hike, give me a heads up – my family has a cabin right off it.

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I’ll try to make a short (for me) list here.

Learn to play the bagpipes.

Learn to play the banjo (at least I own one of these).

Spend 1 to 6 months in England and Scotland and Ireland.

Take a cross country tour of the U.S. in one of those giant motor homes like This One while stopping at National Parks, thrift stores, and finding regional vegetarian food.

Start painting landscapes.

Spend a week in a lovely cabin in the snow like This One

Camp at Yosemite.

Visit the Grand Canyon.

Visit the set of Doc Martin while Martin Clunes is doing a scene.

Take a train trip across across Canada

Ice skate on a frozen lake or pond.

Make a tasty, but labor intensive Mole (only without the lard or chicken broth. I’d sub vegetable oil and veggie broth).

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@wildpotato: Coincidently, I have just been browsing among the milkweed floss comforters here:

So I would probably choose to sleep under it rather than eat it. My sister does love the early spring cattails, boiled and served with melted butter. To me it is like eating sawdust.

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@wildpotato: My sister remembers how she and her 8-year-old son collected cattail fluff and made a little pillow using the fluff as filler. This was for a cub-scout project. They didn’t realize that they needed to sterlize the fluff and were horrified when shortly thereafter a great hatching of worms took place and oozed out of the cushion fabric.

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@Kardamom I have been to St Isaac in Cornwall where Doc Martin is filmed. I have seen his little house/surgery, Burt’s restaurant and the little beachy area. It’s a beautiful little village and I would recommen it even if Martin Clunes isn’t about on the day :)

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^^ A learning experience for both mother and son and a good story about long-ago adventuresome if misdirected parenting, don’t you think?

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@Leanne1986 Port Isaac, Cornwall looks so beautiful and charming, but oh, it would be sooooooo nice to be able to see Martin Clunes in the flesh (literally and figuratively!)

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Hey everybody! One little storm blows through, and look at how much I miss! Awesome bucket lists. Mine doubled in length after seeing these.
@gailcalled, I too vote eeww on the worm thing. I love love the suggestion of using the milkweed silks in pillows, though.
@Kardamom, which do you have, the pipes or banjo? I would love to at least try the bagpipes sometime.

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Like @Jonesn4burgers and @Juels, I’ve got the Ice Hotel on my list, too. And to see the aurora borealis while I’m over there!
Other places I’d like to stay at are a real yurt in Mongolia and a bure over the water in Fiji or Bora Bora.
@Kardamom We’ve done the train trip across Canada and can recommend it highly. The service and food aboard the train were excellent, the views fabulous and the staff keep you entertained with all sorts of interesting programs. We started in Nova Scotia (Halifax) and went all the way to Vancouver, but you can do it in the other direction also.
Also on my list is to do the walk to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and to hike the Inca trail in Peru.
And I’ve love to visit Portugal, Croatia, and Greece, maybe even buy a small condo in one of those places someday. Ah, you’ve made me dream. One can always dream, no?
@Pandora What you heard about the Great Wall of China is not entirely true. The wall is so long that you can visit it at any of many different points. You can select a place that is not smoggy.

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@Jonesn4burgers I have a Jazz banjo. Instead of having a “skin” on the front, it is metal. It’s very pretty.

@2davidc8 That train trip sounds glorious!

I forgot one of my other bucket list items. To visit Liverpool and go on one of those Beatles tours.

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@Kardamom I meant Port not St, thinking of somewhere else in Cornwall.

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^^ I knew what you meant @Leanne1986 ; )

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Crossing two things off my list by doing them this week. Road trip to Florida ans seeing Charleston. Having a great time.

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^^ Milo here; A carrier pigeon just arrived chez nous. The message read, “Help. Janbb has ditched me at the vet’s with no Xmas treats or tuck-ins while she is gallivanting around the deep south and forgetting her promise to love, honor and obey under any circumstances. Break me out, please. Frodo”

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@gailcalled forgot to tell you. He is getting a Christmas dinner, tuck in, and bedtime story on Christmas Day! I didn’t ask the price. However, they did call today to tell me he threw up and did I want to have a doctor see him. I told them to ask a question on Fluther instead!

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Have you tested his thyroid?

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Thanks, Gail. Now my phone is all wet.

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Hiking the length of Hadrians’ wall.

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@rojo In half day segments?

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Maybe by the end of the trip I could do a consistent daily 14 mile hike with full camping gear.

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@rojo My English BIL can.

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