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Nook App on my tablet seem utterly useless on planes. What am I missing?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33291points) December 18th, 2013

I own a very old – original version Nook device. I also own a newer Android tablet. Usually I carry the old Nook when I fly,but I was traveling on business last week and decided to take the tablet, having downloaded the Nook app and downloaded all the books I had previously purchased. Seems reasonable – I could play games or watch downloaded movies on the trip, and also read books using the Nook App.


The Nook app requires an internet connection to let me read a book I paid for. And I’m not going to pay $12.95 for an internet connection on a plane just to read a book.

Several questions:

- Is there a way around this rather senseless impediment when flying? Can I read a Nook book I have paid for, without being connected?

- Is Amazon’s app (NOT the Kindle device, but the App) just as awful?

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I don’t know about Nook but it might work the same as the Kindle app on the iPad does. For some reason, when you buy a book it is stored in the iCloud and you have to click on something to download it to your device. Once you have, you can access it without an internet connection; while it is in the cloud, you can’t. Can you check your Nook and see if it works the same way?

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Are you able to open any of the downloaded books on your tablet at home? That is without logging on to your Wi-Fi network.

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@Tropical_Willie – at homes,yes, because I have a wireless connection at home and the tablet is connected.

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Have you looked to see if they are in the cloud or downloaded to your device?

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I think @janbb has it. I think you only have the app and not your library on the tablet.

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I got caught on that a few times until I figured it out.

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Or ignore the message for internet connection and go straight to you library. I just tried that after I answered above. I shutoff the data and phone—airplane mode. The message comes up but you hit cancel and move on. The internet connection is to keep track of the book you are reading and which page you are on.

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Once the book is actually downloaded, you should be able to open it if you are off network. If you can’t, then try to contact B&N support. Some Nook Books will only work with the latest version. You can email at or call 1–800-THE-BOOK.

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Just tested it. I put my iPhone on airplane mode and opened my Kindle app. It worked just fine for the books I had downloaded. (To answer your question about the Kindle app.)

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