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How do I make some quickbread look nice?

Asked by hug_of_war (10715points) December 18th, 2013

I can’t afford to buy my co-workers real gifts, so this year I’m going to bake them quickbreads (gingerbread and sweet potato). I’m already going to buy those paper loaf pans with holidays themes to make a better presentation but is there anything else to make them look nice?

I’m just going to Target.

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colored cellophane and a little curling ribbon and/or regular old giftwrapping bows

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Can you put a design on the top? Use raisins, chocolate chips, or pecan halves to put the design on top of the pan before you bake them, or shortly before they are done. You may have to experiment a bit to see what works and what doesn’t.

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Cellophane and ribbon and a nice gift tag.

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—(Remember that bread is the staff of life and as real a gift as it gets…much better than socks, AA batteries or a gift card. I’d love to receive a sweet potato bread from anyone. Let me know whether you’d like my contact info.)—-

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A curly ribbon and a copy of the recipe.

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You can wrap it in a brown paper and use a ribbon and a family photo tag to dress it up. Or else you can cover the bread in foil or parchment, then gift wrap.Then put it inside an inexpensive cutting board and tie a pretty ribbon around the two. Here is a simple packaging idea by Martha Stewart. Some other ways to wrap bread for gifts. You can also try a Bread Gift Basket or Bread wrapper.

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I would love getting a gift of homemade bread. Some colorful wrap and a bow and I’d love it. Nice!

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Thanks everybody. I wrapped them in cellophane and tied with a ribbon after applying a simple glaze. Everyone seemed to like them.

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