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Learning/language experiment ideas?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) December 19th, 2013 from iPhone

For my high school psychology classI have to create a experiment that has to do with either language or learning. I am completely stumped on an experiment I could do.

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Remember we cannot give you an answer but we can comment on one of your ideas.

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We need more info, too. Your subject matter is way too broad. What kinds of things are you trying to prove/disprove/count/notice?

On the easy end of the spectrum, you simply ask a group of people (separately) what their favorite color is. They answer. You find out that most people will pick something, rather than not answering, and there will probably be a lot of the same color picked, let’s say it’s red, rather than something more obscure such as taupe. You count and record.

On the more complicated end of the spectrum, maybe you have a group of people read the book Watership Down, and then ask them to recall as many of the rabbit language words that they can (but don’t tell them that you want them to remember these words ahead of time, just have them read the book, and then ask the question). Does it mean that some people pay more attention? Does it mean that some people have a better memory retention? Does it mean that some people have a better propensity for new languages than other people? Does it mean that some people like rabbits and therefore are more likely to remember the words (maybe in the same way that people who like sci-fi are more apt to remember Klingon words).

The type of experiment should be based upon what kinds of things your teacher is wanting you to find out.

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I need more details. Do you have an example of something someone has done before?

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Here is an idea: Can learning a language be easier taught. Example: through hypnosis?

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Give participants the lyrics of a song that is not well known and ask them to memorize it. Give another set of participants the same lyrics, only ask them to memorize it to the music.

Chart which group learns faster and better.

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Is this for cognitive psychology?

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