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Why my site has been dropped (Advanced SEO questions)

Asked by JimLinnJason (3points) December 20th, 2013

I’ve been optimizing a site about paid surveys.It ranked good, but now it seems, it dropped.I ranked for legitimate paid surveys at top 10, which is competitive keyword.I’ve been optimizing it only with white hat SEO.Here is the site: http://www.elitesurveysites.com .Here are several possible reasons for that:

- Google update their servers.I heard that Matt Cutts said that from time to time our sites can dropped, because they just update their system.
– Someone has been added me to bad link directories.
– Several days before I dropped, I’ve been accepted a guest post to great sites.
– I’ve been updating my site rarely and Google don’t like that.

I still rank for one keyword which is – how to find legitimate surveys for money.That makes me believe they maybe update their system and my blog will rank in several days.Am I right?

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Fluther.com has the same problem. When you figure it out, please let us know.

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Because it is full of viruses and virus infected child porn.
You know you should be arrested, right?

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SEO services are inherently immoral. They try to lie and inflate the value of crappy websites that cannot make it on their own merits.

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