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How do I display two interactive Flash objects in Camino without them interfering with one another?

Asked by hkammer (2points) July 10th, 2007

This is a Camino-specific problem.

I've embedded two SWF files into an HTML page. Both have advanced scripting to apply effects/interactivity and to load content.

The problem: When an action is initiated in one SWF it effects the opacity on the other SWF.

The specific problem is the opacity is maxed out on a translucent PNG that's embedded in the non-activated SWF.

Once again, there is no problem in any other browser than Camino.

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This sounds like it could be a bug in Camino... you could post at their forum ( or on their bugzilla (

I'm wondering how important supporting Camino is, though? Of course, more support is better, but it's a pretty fringe browser. If stuff works in FF, IE, Safari, and Opera, you're doing pretty well. I feel like the other browsers should be working so they support sites which work for the big players. I commend you, though. And perhaps someone here can give you a specific fix. You might need to link to your source, depending if you want people to work on it.

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