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Spare a few tips on making a popcorn garland?

Asked by wildpotato (14903points) December 20th, 2013 from iPhone

My fiance asked me to start on a popcorn garland while he’s at work. I popped the corn, got my sewing kit out, and realized I was totally lost. Oy vey. At least it’s not as bad as last year when he sent me to Target for lights.

This Wikihow leaves me with several questions:

I have a dog and two cats, and they all like buttered and salted popcorn. This corn will not be seasoned, obviously – but maybe they’ll go for it anyway when we’re not home. But it can’t be that big an issue; he grew up with animals too… what’s been your guys’ experiences?

Is waxed dental floss, fishing line, or thread going to work best? If thread, what thickness? I have everything from very thin nylon crystal thread to extra strong carpet thread. Likewise – should I pick a thin or thick needle?

Is it best to do it in 2–3 ft sections or one really long strand?

My tree is about 6’ tall and 5’ wide (thickest tree ever!). Any way to estimate how much garland I should make?

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We used to do this when I was a kid – usually we’d add a cranberry for every five or ten kernels of popcorn. But we didn’t have pets in the house. My cats would pull down all sorts of things from the tree, and occasionally try to take down the tree itself. If I’d put up edible decorations… forget about it.

If you are planning to string this around your tree, keep a close eye on the pets. Can you close the door to the room with the tree, so they’re not tempted to pull it down when you’re not there to watch them?

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I agree with glacial: I have done it using a cranberry every several kernels, and I would not attempt it with pets in the house.

If you’re determined, I’d use ‘air-popped’ corn if available, fishing line and a thin, long needle. Take care to push through the thickest part of the kernel and catch it twice if possible. 3–4 foot strings, the number of strings depends on whether you’re going around the entire tree, or swagging the front.

I have no idea how you’re going to ‘tie it off’. I think I made multiple passes through a cranberry.

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I once made a popcorn garland… I used plain(unwaxed) dental floss, I think I read that somewhere. I also strung some cranberries on there. It looked great. Unfortunately one of my dogs was perfectly satisfied with unseasoned, air-popped popcorn and ate it off the tree as far up as she could reach. I got home to a tree with nice, pretty garland at the top, and the rest had dental floss with chewed cranberries still on it. On the positive side, using dental floss probably saved her a vet visit. I had also made strawberry ornaments, and she chewed open every one she could reach. OTOH, my husband’s mother used to hang real cookies on their tree, with ribbon- their dog would guard the tree but never, ever touched the cookies.

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I used white quilting thread and a large rug needle and some cranberries to intersperse for chains on the tree. And I did it only once. More fun were the paper chains that my kids made from colored construction paper.

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Thanks for the advice. It’s a bummer, but I don’t think the pooch can be trusted.

@ccrow Your story is instructive!

@glacial There’s no door between the living room and the rest of the house; no dice.

@ibstubro What do you mean by “catch it twice”?

I think I may whip out my largest crochet hook and some red or white yarn scraps and make up one of these garlands.

Or yeah, construction paper; good call @gailcalled – I’ve even made those before.

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I am laughing at the concept of actually using salted and buttered popcorn. Since in the Wikihow article there is an admonition not to use it, there must be a few people who have.

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Run the needle through two different places on each kernel, if possible @wildpotato. I found the longer and thinner the needle, the better.

Even better yet, do non-edible!


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@ibstubro Oooh, I like the ribbon garland idea. Very cool!
You must be gay, what guy posts links for Xmas decorations. lololol ;-)
Don’t panic peeps, humor, humor!

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I was looking for a photo link to @glacial‘s construction paper chain to see if we were all thinking about the same thing. One thing led to another…


Inquiring minds!

If anyone is doing after-Christmas bargain shopping, I thought the wired ribbon crap would be a good tip for next year.

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