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Is the "hula hoop" good exercise for waist and hips?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7691points) December 21st, 2013

Saw “hula hoops” while Christmas shopping the other day, and this brought back memories of my childhood. My sister was really expert at it, and could do all sorts of twirls with it.

Now as an adult, I’m wondering, is it also a good exercise for one’s waist and hips? Are there any gym trainers or physical therapists out there that would care to comment?

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Anything that requires coordination and rapid movement is good aerobic exercise. Plus, the hula hoop is cheap and using it is fun and easy.

Watch this woman’s very impressive 15 minute routine; she talks non-stop throughout it.

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Everyone has their own style, so different muscle groups are worked depending on what you do.

When I hoop for extended times, I feel it most in my upper abdominals and my shins.

And I second @gailcalled‘s notion of aerobic exercise.

Extreme and trick hooping is a great way to work on your balance and coordination. And it’s hella fun. Here is the facebook page of a girl in my area – a trick hooper – who makes and sells hoops as well. Hoopy Frood! Her videos are just killer.

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Don’t expect to lose weight just in your waist and hips just by hula hooping, but it is good exercise.

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It should help stregnthen your core muscles. When I belly dance a lot I feel stronger in my abdominals, same idea. I agree it won’t thin out your waist though. You can’t lose weight in spots by working those areas. Aerobic exercise should help reduce the fat on your body though, so all exercise helps with that.

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I hadn’t thought about the additional balance and coordination benefits. Thanks to all for your input!

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Hula hooping is known to be one of the best all body workouts;. for quite some time, second only to distance swimming. I used to do a ninty minute workout with mine at least twice a week. It ended up getting too easy, so I added weight to my hoop. It was exhilerating and rewarding. It’s hard on the knees though.
Like any workout, one must take it on gradually, build up at your best pace.

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