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Pregnancy morning sickness?

Asked by Bretbocook (105points) December 21st, 2013 from iPhone

My wife has been sick, nausea and daily throwing up for duration of pregnancy, she is now 2 months pregnant; and I am talking severely sick and had so
Much nausea she can’t function which is why I’m writing this Fluther question at 3:42 am looking for answers becauSe she is so sick I’m worried about her and baby because she is throwing up after ever meal almost

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It’s normal to feel this way during the initial stages of pregnancy. She will feel better after 3 months.This is called morning sicknes and most women have symptoms throughout the day. Make sure she eats very small meals. You can give her dry foods like crackers, bread, pretzels and nuts. Sucking on lemon-flavored hard candy or popsicles too helps. Make sure she drinks plenty of fluids.
If she seems to be dehydrated, you may need IV fluids in the ER. In case she experiences Fever, diarrhea, weakness or severe abdominal pain call the doctor soon.

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What does her doctor say? You two should discuss this w. him/her immediately.

’“Of course, just because morning sickness is common—and likely to last “only” a few months—doesn’t mean it’s not a challenge. Even a mild case of nausea can wear you down, and bouts of round-the-clock nausea and vomiting can leave you exhausted and miserable. Talk with your caregiver about your symptoms and the possibilities for relief.” Source

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I empathize with her, as five years ago I was in her place.

I just dealt with it at my midwife’s misdirected bidding, but should have seen a doctor when I was failing to gain weight normally.

Hyperemesis is a treatable condition, if that’s what she has, and not just morning sickness. Trust me, ten months of that is no fun.

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I feel for your wife… you too, of course! With my first pregnancy, I had a prescription that worked well; with my second, there was talk of problems with that med so I didn’t take it, was sick, didn’t gain any weight in the first trimester; with my third, I was sick like you’re describing and lost weight over the first trimester. Spent a lot of time lying on the couch, as I recall. My sister-in-law worked for an ob/gyn and told me they gave their patients Sominex and one of the B vitamins(can’t remember which one, maybe google will know) for morning sickness… with my fourth(last) pregnancy I took the B vitamin without the Sominex, and while it didn’t eliminate the morning sickness, it improved it enough that I could function normally for the most part. If she’s having this much trouble, definitely talk to the doctor; although it may be necessary to use a baseball bat to convince them that it’s more than just ‘not feeling so good’.

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Call her OB. They can give her prescription medication to help with her symptoms. If she’s throwing up as much as you say she may need IV fluids.

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All things ginger can really help with nausea (ginger tea, real ginger ale, candied ginger, ginger candy) You should be able to get all these things at a good health food store. Might help, won’t hurt.

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You’ve been given some great advice here, starting with see the doctor.
Also the crackers and toast, no butter, don’t use the fancy crackers, just plain, IF it turns out to be just morning sickness. For me, once I had a few of the crackers or toast, my stomach would be mor cooperative.
Know this, the saying eating for two is not just about quantity. I am a Dewaholic, but each of my babies forced me off caffeine for the duration of the pregnancies. My first wouldn’t even let me have it in chocolate. My boys didn’t want pork, my daughter had me craving chicken nuggets every day, but didn’t let me have anything sugery.
During pregnancy, eating becomes it’s own adventure. she will have to experiment with what SAFE, HEALTHY FOODS the baby will agree with.
The first thing is, she should talk to a doctor.

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Ah, safe and healthy.

For a couple of months, I lived on Dr. Pepper and carrot cake, and the occasional spoonful of peanut butter. I couldn’t hold down anything else.

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@Seek_Kolinahr, for me it was kit kats and ginger ale.

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Severe morning/all day sickness is technically called hyperemesis gravidarum. If you think your wife’s doctor is not taking her illness seriously enough you might want to switch doctors. I have had a couple friend who had extremely severe cases through their entire pregnancies, and one of my high school teachers had it very bad for 4 months. All of them were hospitalized at least once during their pregnancy. One of them had an IV at home to keep her fluids up. It can be very serious, jeopardizing the baby and the mother. I don’t know how severe your wife’s case is, but my advice is trust you instincts.

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You’ve already been given good info – but here’s something to put your mind at ease re: the baby’s health.

With my second pregnancy I had HG (Hyperemesis Gravidum). I lost over 25% of my body weight in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (in my case, this was a dramatic 27lb weight loss) and was unable to hold anything (including water) down for about 6 weeks. I needed IV hydration and was put on a medication called Zofran (which is typically given to patients undergoing chemotherapy). The medication didn’t take away the nausea, but did decrease my retching from over 50+ times per day (around the clock, constant throwing up..usually just bile because, as I mentioned, I couldn’t even drink fluids for a time) to only about a dozen times a day.
On the medication I still felt horribly nauseated, but threw up less frequently. The vomiting and nausea lasted the ENTIRE pregnancy. I was told by my OB team to literally eat ANYTHING at all that I could. In my case it was only Nerds candy. I’m not even kidding. Something about the hard (rock like) texture and sour taste worked..and I survived on sips of water and Nerds candies for nearly 3 months. (I was able to eat small meals by my 3rd trimester..but still threw up at times..)

HG also sometimes causes the sensation of “spinning” or dizziness (which I had so badly for a time around weeks 10 to 18 that I was actually unable to even sit up or get out of bed).

I tell you all this because I thought my HG was really severe..and was told it wasn’t actually that severe. the end of a very miserable 9+ months of pregnancy..I delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy and promptly felt MUCH better.

My SIL also had HG with all 3 of her pregnancies. She also required medication and IV hydration and she somehow managed to continue to teach (full time) high school chemistry throughout her pregnancies! She would quickly dash out of her classroom to throw up countless times each day..and just carry on. I am absolutely amazed at her strength.
All 3 of her children are also healthy, smart wonderful kids. (Though, her youngest has allergies..but hey, so do lots of other kids..)

So—rest assured even if your wife seems terribly ill – the baby is probably just fine.
Right now your wife needs TLC – and to have her doctors make sure she is not dehydrated or in danger…but if she’s not dehydrated or if she hasn’t hit the criteria for HG (which involves massive weight loss and constant vomiting) she might not be provided any treatment for her severe nausea. Sad, but true.

I recommend this website for helpful info on HG and also for useful tips on how to help your wife.

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@Seek_Kolinahr, AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! If you weren’t so much fun, I’d hate you. IDuring my first pregnancy, I chugged from a gallon jug of milk everyday when I got home, drinking most of the just opened jug non-stop. I would then have the rest of the jug in something for dinner. I had no choice. I couldn’t put anything carbonated near my face, not even 7-up. No caffeine, no pork in any form. I ACHED for Pizza Hut’s BBQ beef pan pizza. (They no longer make it), but itwas too spicy. When my son was born, my “coach” called to have one delivered.
Like I said, not only is each woman’s experiences different, each pregnancy is different.
@Bretbocook, I hope everything is okay with your wife and baby. Take her to be checked out. Be sure to share with us how things progress. I know we’ll be anxious to hear.

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@geeky_mama It’s good you wrote your baby was perfect, because I didn’t communicate well everything is usually ok. All the people I personally knew who had HG also had perfectly healthy babies. But, they did have some medical intervention to monitor them and help when symptoms were so accute it was dangerous.

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@JLeslie – yep, I could have been more brief and said: I delivered an HG baby and my SIL delivered 3.. although our pregnancies were beyond miserable (for mom) our babies turned out just fine..

I still think my SIL is a super hero for going through that THREE times.

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