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Have you met your hero? If not, what would you like to tell them?

Asked by cage (3117points) June 27th, 2008

Also, what did you say to them, and how did they react?

I met Matt Bellamy of MUSE after a gig they did in London, I told him he was my hero. He giggled at me, then stole my signing pen, and came back to me to give it back. He also said “cheers mate” awwww, made me feel so nice inside.

Whilst that was happening, my friend on the phone was telling Dom, the drummer, about the animal the Aardwolf… wasted chance lol.

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Yes, and I made her one of my best friends.

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who was it?

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My heroes would be my parents, for they came from nothing but worked hard their whole lives to give me and my brothers great childhoods.

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Back when I was a newbie in the pastry world, there was one chef who totally dominated the Parisian pastry scene. He had built an empire of luxury shops, the world’s top pastry school, several books to his name, etc. This guy was like a demi-god to anyone in the trade.

Through a series of lucky breaks, I found myself working at a start-up operation of his down in Texas. After only about 6 months the business started to tank, and who should show up but The Man himself, there to take the stick and pull us out of our nosedive.

Well, the enchantment of having His Holiness in our presence lasted about 1 day, after which we all realized that this was just some little blustery old guy who was now, in his 80’s, far more at home in his hunting lodge than in a kitchen. He put on a big show of culinary prowess, but in the end just left a lot of messes and shattered nerves in his wake. We were all so glad to see him get back on that plane.

That was a great education for me in the nature of reputation.

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I thought we lived in an era where heroes don’t exist; they are just real people like everyone else.

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@ cage – the older sister of an ex-boyfriend. She dropped out of college to start her own skate-ramp business, worth several million dollars before she hit 30, and besides being one of the smartest and hardest working people I have ever met she is also very, very kind…she reminds me a lot of my dad.

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My sister and I recently met our hero and she was absolutely amazing. She met with us for dinner and then we went to her brother-in-law’s concert. My sister and I prepared by compiling a list of questions we wanted to ask her. (Don’t worry, we warned her of the interrogation, and being the amazing person she is – she said she was really excited about it.)

We still keep in touch via email and are planning on attending another concert this month!

It was the greatest night of our lives!

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