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Where can I give away good women's prof. work clothes in Seattle?

Asked by skfinkel (13506points) June 27th, 2008

I remember the YWCA having such a program. Are there others as well? My friend who has these clothes will need to have them picked up.

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I’d just put an ad on CraigsList: “Free: Good Women’s Professor Costumes.”

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if you put costumes its going to sound like they are lingerie like a librarian or a professor… i would say clothes and not costumes

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You know the YWCA is the perfect place. It will be used at the women’s shelter. A very good cause.

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This is one of my favorite charities. They are in Seattle too.

It is wonderful to think that your clothes can jump start another woman’s road to success.

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Thanks all. The Dress for success @Marina is the same as the Y. Unfortunately, no one picks stuff up—not goodwill either. But great place. That’s probably where we’ll go with the stuff.

Craigslist is interesting, but may result in too many people coming through her house—which she is just cleaning and selling. But another good idea.

We’ll keep checking. Thanks!

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