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How to replace the remote device for a garage door opener?

Asked by SadieMartinPaul (8997points) December 22nd, 2013

I just spent the past year renovating and rebuilding my Mom’s house. There’s one, final item remaining – the garage has a functioning door opener, but its remote, hand-held operating device is long gone.

Are there universal objects to replace the original? Or, do I need to identify the specific make/model and contact the manufacturer? Will I have to “program” the device so that it won’t open every garage door (or, so that every other device won’t open this garage)?

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Something like this should work with almost any opener.

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You will need to “program” it, but that is usually as simple as looking at the way a set of switches on the opener are set and setting the ones on the remote the same way. Or ones like the one @johnpowell have instructions of how they do it. But yes, they require programming.

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I purchased additional remotes for my opener @ Lowes, @SadieMartinPaul. Unless your mom’s is really, really that might work for you. Get the brand name from the unit and check to see if they (or another Big Box home store) have a remote. Otherwise, I bet they carry one similar to @johnpowell.‘s It might cost a little more, retail (might not, too), but gives you the advantage of immediate possession and easy return.

The directions for programming mine (Genii, I think) are under the light cover on the unit. Simple, something like push the button on the unit until it blinks and hold a button in the remote until the light steadies? EASY! But you might need a pair of readers!

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Timely question. My remote just quit after I dropped it in the concrete garage floor, although the unit still works. Would the universal work on a unit that was installed in 1987?

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@gailcalled :: When I worked at the theater the masking (the curtains that slide when you have to change lenses) was controlled by garage door openers. Many of the openers were older (pre 1987) and the universal controllers worked with them. I have been responsible for switching out about five that died. They aren’t terribly complicated.

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^^ Thanks for the good advice. I will adress the issue after the holidays.

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