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So, now Protesters are treated as terrorists. (Link inside) What do you think about that?

Asked by ragingloli (41463points) December 22nd, 2013
And if it were not enough, the directive to treat protesters as terrorists came from the corporation being protested, who now apparently can give orders to law enforcement.

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Oh shit, glitter?


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Looks like nobody’s safe now. Really. I mean, the precedent is set. If you are protesting about ANYTHING, you’re a terrorism hoax. The US is run by wingnuts!

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If you are with us, you’re an American.

If you are against us, you’re a terrorist.


PS Kudos for watching TYT haven’t watched them in awhile. I like how the one host at the end said “Give the people what they want, not what they need.”

Just to add and not to derail your question by making a blanket statement, but point blank what is there to think? It is fucking bullshit.

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These companies give lots of money to local and state representatives. Enough said.

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I think it’s a little early to freak out. If they’re found guilty of the crime then I’ll be right there with you, but we’re only a few days after them being arrested and they haven’t even been charged formally yet. Most likely they’ll be charged with something different.

They essentially asked to be arrested. It sounds like they are already out, they got their press coverage and message out. If the district attorney charges them with something more reasonable, then they’ve essentially achieved exactly what they set out to do.

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A “logical” step in the ongoing fight to preserve “freedom” and “democracy” by eliminating all vestiges of them.

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That is fucking disgusting.

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This is a prime example of why jury nullification is a viable option.

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This isn’t so new. The FBI has been using anti terrorism resources against environmentalists for years. See Green is the New Red

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So it appears trespassing and defacing private property is illegal, who woulda guessed. Maybe they should teach that in college.

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I I think the point is that while trespass and defacing property are crimes there is no way what they did can be construed as terrorist acts

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@Jaxk The charge isn’t trespassing, it’s terrorism. You like a government big enough to charge anyone exercising their Constitutional right to protest and to assemble and to exercise free speech with terrorism? Is that how far the lie about being “conservative” has gone with American regressives? The Boston Tea Party was a protest against corporate power of the British East India Company. It was a reaction against Corporatocracy. Today’s phony Tea Party is Corporatocracy on Steroids.

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Cons always thump their chests proclaiming that they want their guns to oppose tyranny.
Your post proves that it is a lie. They would stand with tyranny.

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This is not my big government it’s yours. Eric Holder is not my guy, he’s yours. I would like to see a smaller less intrusive government but you liberals want government controlling everything and this is the kind of thing you get when government is secretive and unaccountable. You’ve created Frankenstein’s monster and now you’re complaining that he’s running amok.

In this case specifically, there is no indication that they were actually charged with terrorism. Prosecutors love to threaten the most egregious crimes possible before settling on more legitimate charges. I have no idea what the glitter issue is all about. A decade ago I wouldn’t have thought that a little flour spilled into a letter would create panic but now it would. If there is an issue with glitter, I’m not aware of it.

Basically I’m not ready to cry foul just because these guys were exercising their God given right to protest. There’s nothing special about protesting. You do it within the confines of the law or you pay the price. I would like to see a few less laws, however.

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@jaxk You are mistaken. It is yours as much is it is mine. Just like the last one was yours and mine. And it is perpetuating 10 building on the crimes of the previous administration just like, no matter who is elected next , they will be more repressive than this one.

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It is yours. This is a case of a corporation directly controlling parts of government, and all you can say is “they deserved it”.

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Sorry, I take no responsibility for anything this administration does. I am opposed to it with every fiber in my being. @ragingloli – it is not corporate controlling government but rather corporate asserting their right for protection. If someone was on my property defacing it, I would press to have them arrested as well.

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Right-wing America seems little different from Putin’s Russia. Environmental protesters there are treated like pirates and hooligans for setting up a banner. In Oklahoma they are terrorists. Welcome to the club.

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