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Will you be taken as seriously if you get your master's degree online?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) June 27th, 2008

It’s cheaper than classroom learning, and you can keep working the day job while you get your degree.

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is it a diploma mill or is it online courses from a “real” university?

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only if you let them know you got it online!

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I believe there is still some stigma associated with it although that is changing.

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Yeh sure. Otherwise 160000 people wouldn’t be students at the Open University (UK) would they if it’s not something eomployers take serious. As Marina said some people don’t see them for what they are, but things are changing.

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Only if you “attend” a good online school. The University of Phoenix is a good one.

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I kept working my day job while I obtained my masters from a brick and mortar university. sometimes you have more flexibility than you think…check with your supervisor or see if the company you work for have any kind of back to school programs. If I were hiring and I had two equally qualified candidates, 1 with masters from online school, 1 with masters from regular school I would probably choose the regular school.

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I second PTB. That is the way I feel (and I have done a lot of hiring). I just did not want to be that blunt about it.

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It all depends on the reputation of the school itself. You could get a masters from Harvard or Stanford entirely through online classes. The fact that you attended online classes shouldn’t have any effect on the seriousness of your degree, unless the reputation of the University itself is less then great.

A lot of people think online classes are easier, but if you’re going with a reputable school, that’s not always the case.

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right. I am sure that an online program from Yale would be much more stringent that the univ of phoenix. There is something about going to a school that advertises on tech tv that just seems lacking.

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The University of Arizona (among others) has a quality “distance learning” program. At-home study without the perceived stigma of online schooling.

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Short answer: no. Long answer: nope.

Not if you skim through the web about this very topic, for instance here:

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