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Is it allergies or something more serious?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) June 27th, 2008

My dog suddenly has puffy eyelids (particularly the lower ones). He is 8 and has never displayed this symptom before. He is not clawing at his eyes or showing any distress. His nose is cool and moist. He does not seems to have other symptoms. This came on suddenly after he went out in the back yard. He is 1/2 Dalmatian, which I mention because they can be allergy-prone. I can’t find much help on the Web.

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It might be allergies. Check with this.

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Thank, beast, but I am not concerned about being allergic to my dog. I am concerned about my dog having an allergic reaction to something.

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Oh dear, I’m sorry. I misread your question.

You say after he came from the backyard? This probably isn’t it, but he may have gotten in a scuffle with another animal. A couple years back, my dog was scratched (got a bloody nose and red underneath eyes) by a groundhog in our backyard. Again, I doubt that is the problem. Are you sure he didn’t get into poison ivy? I’d say you should have him checked out by the vet. Anything you are unsure of about your pet can be clarified by a veterinarian. The bill won’t be that high.

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Marina, according to my vet, dogs can be given a children’s antihistamine safely. Try to find one with a dropper applicator, and as a warning, dogs hate the taste as much as kids do. Back of the tongue is the way to go. Why do I seem to be talking about antihistamine so much lately?
Please call the vet’s office to confirm, though.

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Thanks, Ktd, I had read about antihistamines and was going to call the vet. I went to check on him again and his eyelid bags had subsided significantly. iI then took a damp washcloth and wiped his fur carefully to remove any remaining pollen. He is now back to normal.

My husband is going to mow the backyard tomorrow. Since the rainy season started and we are having daily downpours, it’s turned into a jungle out there. I suspect he stuck his face into a patch of something!

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