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Who had a not-so-great to lousy Christmas?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) December 26th, 2013

If the Christmas you just had was less than stellar why? Maybe someone got too drunk and became Boorish, someone ripped you off while you were gone shopping, at a party, or lifted from your house by a party guest? Did someone you know have a worst Christmas than you had? Of those you do not know be it in your community or around the globe, who do you feel had a lousier Christmas than you had?

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Hubs was in the hospital all Christmas Eve night, and we spent most of Christmas day looking for a place to fill a prescription.

This led to no one being home at the exact moment of Turkey-Oven Removal and my breast ended up dry.

This is a much bigger deal to me than it sounds like.

Dry. Motherfucking. Breast. Grr.

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^^Poor baby! So sorry. Is your hubs OK?

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He’s fine. Just the price of being a poor person with a chronic disease in the United States. Whenever it flares up, High-ho, to the ER we go.

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We are not huge Christmas people but the day was less than perfect over here. My kids spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with their father so I missed them. We didn’t hear a word from any of his children and ate left over Chinese food for dinner.

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He’s fine. Just the price of being a poor person with a chronic disease in the United States.
Curious, people STILL balk at universal heath care for all; guess they figure “If it ain’t me, redacted ‘em”.

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I don’t balk over it. The people who “got theirs” balk at it. Now now! Let’s not derail this thread. But if we’re gonna derail it, let’s do it RIGHT!

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In spite of that, they are still alive to have the hope of a better Christmas the year coming redacted. ;-P

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Small condolence when I know people in Cuba don’t have this problem.

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Maybe they don’t get Christmas over there, or at least as fee as we can do it here. ;-|

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My DIL has a very bad tooth ache and didn’t enjoy Holiday dinner yesterday or left overs today. She has an appointment tomorrow.

I can’t feel too bad about it, she had an appointment to have major work done in her mouth while Sonny was working and it would have been paid for, but she blew it off. Now she is dependent on welfare dental care.

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It was hurried and stressful and this is the first year I didn’t get to see my parents during the holiday. My mother is not doing well and my father is exhausted from taking care of her. I worry about both of them. I just received a call from father and my gut feeling was right. Mom is back in the hospital today.

It wasn’t all terrible though. The morning was lovely when our children opened their gifts, and I did have a nice time with my children after I was done with the cooking and cleaning.

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It could have been worse. But I fear this will be the last Christmas that my mom will be around. Or if she is, she will probably be in much worse shape and unable to even speak.
I dunno, maybe she will hold steady at where she is at now. But even at that, it’s not good.

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I have a couldn’t-have-been-worse Christmas this year. At the beginning of last month my best friend and I made a very detailed plan of what to do together to celebrate Christmas “till we both die of exhaustion”. But then that military course came, and our plan was ruined completely. To make the matter worse, any references to Christmas in the military camp was banned. Christmas turned into “just a cold normal day” to me :(
@jonsblond I’m so sorry to hear that your mother was ill. Hope she’ll be fine soon.

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