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So, what are your thoughts on this hilarious display (mcdonalds website warns employees against eating burgers as unhealthy)?

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I think it’s pretty hilarious, a shame they took it down. And this is what they peddle to little kids. Tsk Tsk Tsk….

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I think the really funny part is that most of the people who read this article will probably shake their heads in disgust and then continue to eat at McDonalds.

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I think it’s all stupid. Really, if an adult wants to eat McDonald’s, they are going to eat McDonald’s. And if a parent wants to feed it to their kids, they are going to feed it to their kids. All this information and these websites and pamphlets and media and garbage… I can’t fathom how ANY of it is REALLY going to discourage anyone from eating the stuff.

And who really cares anyway? They’ll leave McDonald’s and go to KFC or Wendy’s or Burger King or White Castle or Pizza Hut or some such other unhealthy thing. Skipping McDonald’s isn’t going to make someone run home and make a salad lightly dressed with vinegar and drink a bottle of water. Give me a frickin break. The whole thing just makes me angry.

Stop telling people how to live. If they want to eat themselves to death, let them. GOD.

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hahahaha… like the employees can afford to eat there after paying for rent and heat.

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@johnpowell: In all fairness, it is up to the individual franchise owner. When I worked there in high school employees were entitled to certain items for free on their breaks.

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I think it’s ridiculous that a name brand gets all the blam/publicity when all types of fast food places are bad. I have overheard a conversation where one person said let’s go get hamburgers, and the second person said make it Carl’s Jr because Mc Donalds is not healthy.

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@YARNLADY: I think some chains are probably less terrible. Still crap, but less so. For instance I believe Wendy’s has 100% beef burgers and if I am not mistaken (and I might be) they are fresh beef and not frozen. Burger King flame broils theirs, while McDonald’s uses a clamshell so there is nowhere for the fat to drain away.

Though surprisingly enough, This lists McDonald’s as #8 of 10 healthiest fast food chains.

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As I understand it, McD’s outsourced the articles that went on that site, and nobody thought to check up on what landed there. I’m NOT a fan of McD’s but I totally get how it could happen. In that respect, it’s an honest mistake. It’s unfortunate for them that it took so long for them to figure it out.

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