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Is bridle leather better for a belt?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22749points) December 26th, 2013

I was looking on Etsy for handmade belts (as opposed to those made in China or Guatemala or whatever you get at a department store).

I tend to use belts forever – daily use until they literally fall apart.

Some of the Etsy artisans make mention of bridle leather, while others don’t mention the specific leather at all.

What’s the advantage (if any) to bridle leather? Will it last longer? Or does bridle leather refer to thickness? Pliability?

Any advice appreciated.

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“Bridle Leather” refers to how the leather itself has been treated at the tannery. It’s sealed with waxes on both the grain and flesh sides, and is strong, pliable, and comfortable enough for a horse to wear next to its skin.

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