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Which category do your questions mostly fall into, General, Social, or Meta?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (16860points) December 26th, 2013

When I first joined Fluther I used to write a lot of social questions. But now I seem to write more general questions.
How about you?

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Most of mine fall under social.

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I didn’t care for General when it was developed, and I try to never use it. Almost all of mine are Social.

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Mostly Social, for fun.
General for info.

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Mostly general. I want helpful answers without the bs.

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I don’t want to be held to strict grammar guidelines.

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I pretty much ask everything in Social, because I don’t want the restrictions.

Feel free to wander off on a wild tangent in any of my questions. ^_^

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I’m a Social animal.

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Mostly social, once in a while general, very rarely meta.

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Social. I don’t like people being modded for adding to the natural progression of a conversation.

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Almost totally social, once in a great while a meta. I want to have fun, go wild with anything I ask.

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Cool! 99% social and 1% general so far.
Why so few people ask general question like that?

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@syz I was beginning to worry. I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers general.

@Mimishu1995 There were no categories when I joined five years ago and chit chat was quickly moderated. The purpose of the site was to get helpful answers (please correct me if I’m wrong) .There have been many migrations of users from Q&A’s that have died and the focus of this site has shifted from helpful answers to social fun times.

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Mostly social. I love it when questions get derailed.

I ask general once in a while to include a different type of Fluther user and get more serious answers.

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Social for me. I rarely ask a question because I really need an answer; I usually ask a question to provoke a discussion. I like social for that because it’s more lenient about what can be discussed in the thread.

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Totally depends on why I’m asking the question. Probably about 49% each for social and general, with the remainder being meta questions.

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General. I just want an answer. I don’t care about whatever irrelevancies you want to talk about. Most of the time if I ask a question, it is about something serious affecting me. I’m not trying to have a conversation.

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A shame, @hug_of_war. I don’t know how many times seemingly ‘irrelevancies’ actually ended up being the answer to my question!

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@ibstubro It is like the questions we used to like to ask the guides in commercial caves. Questions like “How much of this cave is unexplored?” and “How thick are the walls?”.

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