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What do you understand by Geotechnical Monitoring System?

Asked by RussellCrue (1points) December 27th, 2013

structural monitoring,bridge monitoring

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Some modern structures are being put up with built-in strain gauges and other instrumentation that can tell engineers about materials degradation (rust) and overloads and dangerous deformation. To get the same kinds of information that is provided by the embedded sensors on a structure that does not have sensors often requires expensive invasive (destructive) methods that have to be followed by repair or at least repainting.

The software that is used with those sensors track the readings day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year to show how the structure is holding up, and it would also be checking that none of the readings is approaching a dangerous level.

This sort of modern monitoring can help detect problems that are otherwise difficult to find and can help prevent collapses like the I-35 interstate bridge in Mississippi in 2007.

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The software would be a database and charting applications that keep tabs on specific monitoring points and may have several calculated data elements based on those physical readings. Readings are either automated (usually vibrating wire instrumentation) or manual like those done between two monitoring points. The idea is to use the software to aide in presenting and arranging the data so that failure modes can be determined. It’s quite a bit of work to wade through geotech data and it is usually years before trends show up. A good software package actually is more helpful by alerting the engineers that sensors are bad or broken and need repair. The trends are easily plotted once enough good data is collected. There is quite a bit of different data sources that can be imported and used such as strain guages, displacement meters, physical pendulums, inclinometers, accelerometer arrays and manual or automated surveys.

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Geotechnical monitoring software is used to analyze subsurface materials and conditions and determine the important mechanical/physical and substance traits of these materials. It is also used to evaluate how stable the regular and man-made inclines and to assess hazards that the site conditions exhibit.

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