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Do you know any appetite stimulants?

Asked by Adagio (12511points) December 28th, 2013

Can you suggest any appetite stimulants, other than dope. I’m wanting to seriously increase my appetite, looking for any suggestions.

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Highly processed carbs keep me very hungry.

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@ragingloli how informative, I would not have even thought of that.

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@tom_g like what for instance?

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Bread, cookies, white rice, muffins, donuts, pasta, beer.

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Xanax, but that would be another drug again. I don’t recommend it.

Do you drink alcohol? Stop and you might get some appetite back.

You can force your self to eat a few extra bites when you eat and your stomach will stretch and you will crave more food. I don’t reslly recommend it either unless you are severly underweight. Are you anorexic?

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@JLeslie alcohol doesn’t really feature in my life these days. I am severely underweight but definitely not anorexic. Not interested in using medication, what is Xanax by the way? Eating a few extra bites sounds like a sensible idea. Thanks.

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Healthy suggestions would be useful.

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Xanax; Alprazolam;

A drug of the benzodiazepine group, used in the treatment of anxiety.

Can you exercise a little?

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Drink soda, expand stomach, burp, then eat more.

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@Adagio Xanax is the same class of drugs as valium, @gailcalled basically answered it. A symptom of anxiety can be loss of appetite and Xanax is usually pretty good at bringing it back. Not that I am assuming you are anxious, and like I said I don’t recommend taking it.

I regret having stretched my stomach and getting used to larger portions in my teens. My boyfriend used to practically laugh at me my portions were rather small. I was thin, but not too skinny. I look back and think my size was very good and I wish I still had the smaller appetite. I don’t know how skinny you are though. My second increase in weight happened in my 30’s when I ate in restaurants more, and probably aging has a little to do with it. I never used to eat from boredom when I was younger, but in my 30’s food became more of a vice for boredom. Not good. Anyway, all those things affected my increase in appetite and weight.

Any chance you are hypothyroid? That can reduce your appetite if it is untreated.

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Peppermint Tea.

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I agree with @tom_g. When I eat rice or pasta I’m still hungry.

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I take cyproheptadine for appetite stimulation. I have zero appetite without it. It works, no side effects, is only an antihistimine so not dangerous.

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Vigorous exercise. Go for a brisk run, you may be hungry after that. Works for some people, though not necessarily everybody.
@talljasperman MSG may make you thirsty, not hungry.

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@2davidc8 Thanks for the info.

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How about the sound and smell of sizzling food.

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Another drug; used to prevent nausea and vomiting while receiving chemotherapy or after surgery. I used it during my chemo after breast cancer surgery. It is a miracle drug for that particular issue.

I believe it is also one treatment for severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum) such as Kate Middleton suffered from.

Hard to imagine it being prescribed as an appetite stimulant.

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Cutting back on coffee stimulated my appetite.

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@fremen_warrior that would be niceā€¦

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Increased physical activity increases your metabolic rate and will stimulate your appetite. Ayurveda doctors say fenugreek seeds will stimulate the appetite and improve digestion and assimilation.

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@Adagio it IS nice :P and leaves you hungry (well me at least). like @Smitha said btw, any physical activity will make you want to eat more; also avoid coffee – in my experience it can slaughter your appetite

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Some herbal teas can work wonder. Peppermint, hops, fennel, ginger, some 30 minutes before each meal will stimulate your appetite quite a bit.

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