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Is there a way to make bedbugs allergic to you and your home?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6505points) December 29th, 2013

I am sick and tired of getting them, but it is hard to avoid when you live with several people.

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From what I understand bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of. You need the whole house fumigated probably. I have heard that some people spray and also buy all new mattresses.

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try d earth

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If the infestation is bad enough, fumigating won’t do much for you. Many people resort to heating their home to the point that the bugs can’t survive and then deep cleaning and getting rid of things like mattresses, couches, etc. However, that much heat can do costly things to floors.

I don’t know about this statement that they’re hard to avoid when living with several people. I’ve never known anyone with a bed bug problem, including guys in frat houses.

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I don’t know about how effective it is, but some people deal with them with essential oils. Young Living’s prices are pretty high, so you could also try other sources for the ingredients to this recipe…

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You probably never got rid of them. It’s possible to crash the population, but they usually come back. Look at ways of controlling them with temperature – cold maybe, if you live in the right climate. If you have the option, move. Otherwise you probably need to get your roommates to chip in for a professional.

When my girlfriend moved to a place that already had them, it was a nightmare. We ditched a lot of furniture, put the rest in a storage (where it still sits six months later and will sit until spring), and washed all her clothes in the hot cycle and immediately moved them to airtight plastic bins. They should die after several months without a host.

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@bolwerk They can live up to about a year without a host. There maybe rodents where the furniture is stored . . . .So fumigate is still the answer.

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@Tropical_Willie: I think they can only live a few months without a host, but yeah, I guess rodents could be a problem.

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@livelaughlove21 You might be surprised how many people have them. It’s not exactly something people are proud of talking about. And yes, they are hard to get rid of when you live with several people when your home gets them. Because then they have the potential to be in different rooms, etc. Plus, even if you do succeed in getting rid of them, you and other people who live with you might see friends who may have them and on and on it goes. Problems can resurface, partly because not everyone is comfortable about warning people they have them and suggesting that maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t come over until the problem is dealt with. It’s actually a very common problem these days. Even if you don’t have them, if you have friends you visit or who come over, you are still at risk of getting them. I hope you never get them.

@Everyone Thanks for the tips.

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As far as I know the only successful method of eradicating bedbugs is the use of heat treatment. Heat beyond 120 degrees F will kill the bedbugs and their larvae. Many seek the help of a professional pest control company. But the use of chemicals will only kill those bugs that are seen and sprayed, not the unseen ones. Moreover it can be harmful But as mentioned above heating can cause damages too. The only way to prevent an infestation, would be good hygiene, with bedding washed in hot water on a regular basis and the vacuuming of sofas and carpets.

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