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Can you recommend some good root beers?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) June 27th, 2008

I’m starting to come to the conclusion not all root beers are created equal. For instance I realized I like IBC much better than Barq’s.

Can you recommend any other good root beers you’ve tried?

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I love Barq’s. Mug and A&W are good as well.

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Virgil’s is practically unbeatable. It’s by the same people who make reed’s ginger beer.

You can find it at Trader Joes if there is one near you.

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Just an FYI, Barq’s distributed in the South is less sweet than Barq’s distributed in the rest of the country. The difference is noticeably better.

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Stewarts. Also really good Black Cherry. Not sure if it’s an East Coast brand.

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But Barq’s has BIte!

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Maine Root is really good. They sell it at Whole Foods.

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IBC rules.

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The top nine as judged on this site are not mentioned above.

Torpedo Juice
Hosmer Mountain
Coastal Fog
Samuael’s Deli Root Beer

Happy tasting!

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Everyone together now… I wanna pop!

Man, that was super cool.

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Thanks everyone,

I’m going to check all of these out.


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Jones, definitely.

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Another good one is Lost Trail. As far as I know it is only distributed in Kansas City though.

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You can also usually find “Virgils” in the organic section at most supermarket here in boston. VERY good stuff.
Also check out “Harpoon” Root Beer made by the same harpoon brewery that makes some really great beer.

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I second the Jones. I don’t like some of their flavors because they’re so darn sweet, but the root beer is right on the money.

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the 3 best IMO are:

- Virgil’s
– Maine Root (There is also a ‘Sarsaparilla’ by these guys thats interesting)
– Boylan’s ‘The Natural Kind’ Root Beer (they also have a regular one but this one is made with all natural ingredients and tastes awesome)

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@shockvalue OMFG thank you so much for mentioning virgils. I finally got around to trying it. HOLY SHIT! Greatest. Soda. Ever. So many awesome flavors blended into one drink. I bought a whole case of it the other day and its gone already :(

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Haha, they go fast don’t they? So worth it though…

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A&W is good.

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