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What are the disadvantages of motion sensor toilets?

Asked by flo (10479points) December 29th, 2013
If it is not working the way it should (flushes when it shouldn’t or doesn’t flush when it should) what could you do? With a standard toilet you open the tank and fix the problem, if it doesn’t flush or the flushing is continuous, for example.

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You can’t make moonshine in prison. Also you can’t tell your health by looking at the colour of your fluids. Finally you can’t keep quiet, you would wake everyone up.

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Flipping flushes when you don’t want it to and can spray toilet water all over your ass. It’s annoying.

It not flushing when you are done isn’t a problem, you just flush it yourself. I think in ten years I have only had the manual button not work a couple of times.

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Ugh. Those things are operated by motion-detectors, so they flush when no flushing is needed. Such as, when I’m wiping-off the filthy toilet seat and covering it with paper, before I’ve even sat down, I hear “Whoosh” and see several gallons of water get wasted.

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Very annoying.

How do you flush it yourself, if it doesn’t flush? There is no handle, right? I’m not clear.

How about it only flushes when there a vibration of some kind, like the toilet door gets closed not so gently, bang = flush.

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There is a little button either on the top or side of the “eye” usually.

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Automatic toilets suck. They never work. They’re such a waste of water and energy and flush at all the wrong times. And yes, they usually have a manual flush button, but that doesn’t stop them from automatically flushing. In fact, I once accidentally overflowed a urinal because I pressed the button and it auto-flushed right after that.
I know one toilet that was leaking for weeks because the automatic thing was broken. Save water and energy—go back to handles. Just use your foot or something if the flusher is too dirty.

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I love auto-flush. My favorite bathroom has auto-flush, auto-water and auto-towels. I complain because the soap is manual. :-)

(The manager is a friend of mine.)

So much nicer than walking into the stall and seeing someone elses’ floater hanging there.

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I have to look for the button next time.

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Every time I use them they flush about 2–3 times throughout the process. Usually if I lean forward to grab a feminine product or something. Bothers me, because it’s a waste of water.

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They are way too sensitive, and spatter toilet water everywhere and waste water unnecessarily. I always ball up some toilet paper and jam it into the slot where the electronic eye is to blind it. Even more frustrating is when the sink and soap sensors are way too dull. It’s like some evil unhygenic conspiracy.

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^^ Does that work? I’ll have to try it.

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My daughter was learning how to go by herself when we lived near casinos. They were always an easy place to stop quickly, and usually the cleanest public restrooms in town. She hated the auto flush though, it scared her. I used to carry a ballcap with us when we were out, just in case. I hung it over the sensor, removed it when she was done and out of the stall. Handy, and doesn’t leave wasted wads of paper. Easy to just put in the wash.
I have seen them with two botton types locations. One is a blck button and easy to spot. The other is silver, blends in with the structure of the sensor. It is obout the size of a nickel..

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About the waste of water; that is trivial to the concerns of the bathroom owners and operators. The problem is too many people don’t flush in public bathrooms. They don’t think they need to, because at home they don’t if they just pee, or they don’t want to touch the toilet handle to flush, or they use their foot to flush and risk breaking the toilet. Not flushing means the toilets get clogged more, so the more flushing the less likely there will be a clog and the less maintainence. If all people used the toilets like civilized people (this is similar to my rant on a different Q about people not hanging up clothes in a dressing room and not cleaning up their table in fast food restaurants; I am on a rant) they would not need the automatic flush toilets. Auto sinks mean sinks are not left running, which I have seen too many times in public bathrooms.

Another good thing about automatic everything is less likely to communicate colds, flu, and other illness. Although, it is more important at the point of washing your hands and the door to get out of the bathroom.

The toilets can be adjusted, some of them are too sensitive and flush too much, I agree with that. Basically what @Mariah said. Wiping the seat and puttingndown a seat protector can trigger it, and then if the flush is too strong the water sprays out onto the seat. So frustrating.

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I just hate them because every little movement while sitting there sets it off and the forceful water system, gives our backside a good wet down if we remain seated thereby catching infections too! (I don’t know why it always gives me the feeling someone is spying on me!!!!!)

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I dislike automatic flush toilets. Every time I sit down for a #2, (which is very frequently, thanks to IBS) the toilet flushes several times, and I am still “going”. The worst part is more toilet paper gets used because the water splashes up and makes my backside very wet. Not to mention, it makes people, who may be waiting for a stall, think that you are done when you are really not. I do flush each time I go both #1 and #2. The toilets tend to flush when I lean forward to get toilet paper, or I am in the midst of wiping. Plus, it is definitely a waste of water.

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Everytime I read this question I want to ask, motion, as in movement or bowel motion? Seriously.

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I went and found @Jonesn4burgers’ fact:“The other is silver, blends in with the structure of the sensor. It is obout the size of a nickel..”

It is supposed to work when you get up but some of them flush when you get up,
I don’t know if that is the design or not but some flush under 2 conditions, when you get up and when there is something in the toilet.

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Don’t you just love it when those things flush themselves while you’re still sitting down, thus splashing filthy toilet water all over your private parts? Sorry to be so graphic, but really…

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no more miss

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Well I am certainly no expert but, 1 thing i would think about is when someone walks by it, it will flush and esspicially if you have large breed dogs.

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