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What's the best way to create a 2D map out of a 3D model?

Asked by inunsure (423points) December 30th, 2013

Are there any free programs that would allow me to create a simple 3D model and have it projected onto a 2D map?

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Not sure what kind of code you’re dealing with, but I expect Matlab (not free) could do this… their graphics are kind of crappy, though. R (free) has better graphics, but is more persnickety to work with where graphics are concerned.

Can you tell us more about the 3D model?

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I’m currently doing the complete opposite on Google Sketch-up since I just worked out how to use the 3D functions. If you look at the 3D model from bird’s eye view, you’ll see a 2D model. I’m assuming you want something that looks sort of like a floor plan, right?

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@dxs I was going to suggest sketchup also… if you can get your 3D model into sketchup then you can collapse to a flat plan.

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