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Is it rare for someone from Dublin, Ireland to speak Irish fluently?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) December 30th, 2013 from iPhone
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I believe it will be rare since only 10% of the Irish population are still able to use Irish fluently.

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Rare in Dublin. Although, I think the school system is now incorporating Gaelic into the education system. Very few people in Ireland use Gaelic daily, I think it is less than 100,000, but around 1 million can speak it fluently. I looked it up a while back for another Q. I had a coworker who spoke Gaelic, it was the language she priimarily used with her family. she was Irish, but had been living in the states a few years when I met her.

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It would be hard to find people in Dublin who can speak Irish with a high degree of fluency nowadays. Irish is a compulsory subject all the way through school so everyone might know a little, but once they leave school I don’t think people might speak Irish much.

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Irish? Are you talking about Gaelic?

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You might enjoy this article from The Guardian, in which the writer travels around Ireland speaking only Irish Gaelic.

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There are pockets in Ireland – such as Galway and Connermara – where Gaelic is spoken a lot but it would not be commonplace in Dublin.

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