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Any recommendations for proof reading software?

Asked by antimatter (4414points) December 30th, 2013

I wrote a short story and would like to publish it, but English is not my first language. Surfing the web I found a website that promote proofreading software, to check the grammar ext. The problem is you have to pay a monthly fee and you got to subscribe for a year. I don’t need it because I only want to use it once and paying for the rest of the year would be a waste of money.

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I would not use such software, because proof reading software does not know what you are trying to say, and may change things enough to change the meaning.

And a waste of money if you have to pay a monthly fee. Better to find someone near you that can read it for you.

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How long is the short story?

I’ve seen other members post here for editing, or ask for volunteers.

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Word 2013 has a proofing tool for me, and I think that’s enough. I only rely on a proofing tool when I’m uncertain about the spelling. As for grammar, I think I can handle it myself.

By the way, if you need editing, feel free to PM me your short story. I’ll try my best to help you.

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Nudge nudge, some of our Jellies are freelance editors.

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I’m an editor :)

I charge $10/page for proofreading (technical edits only), but $20/page for full editing (which includes feedback and full sentence restructuring if needed). This is for double-spaced work.

PM me if you’re interested. I have a degree in English, with a focus in Creative Writing.

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I am using a software with the name of GINGER. You can also use this and i am hopeful it will help you.

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