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Your 1st entry here in 2014 will be a question, an answer, a quip to an answer, a quip on a question or a comment?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) December 30th, 2013

The 1st thing you post here in 2014 will be what, a question, an answer, a comment, a quip (smart-alecky or snide remark) to a question, comment, or answer?

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Magic 8 ball says… “Reply hazy, try again later”

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Sameol, same ol.

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Most likely a question.

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I don’t have a time machine to check what I will write in 2014.

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A recipe for a strawberry tart.
or something else

Maybe a poem, or a haiku.

I know, I know…
A rousing speech that will bring us all together as one.

Or perhaps, a dirty limerick.

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@cookieman You can write haiku? Super COOL!
Actually I used to have a short lesson about haiku but I didn’t master it, to tell the truth

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Time will tell…

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Possibly an answer to a question but there is also the distinct possibility of a quip.

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@Mimishu1995: I am by I means a master at it. Or even proficient.

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Probability dictates that it will be an answer.

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Most likely I’ll be answering a question and taking the opportunity to present a perspective.

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The first post I make for 2014 will be from my time machine, and will involve twerking. Not that I will be doing it, but… oh never mind.

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Since I still have no guts to ask a question, it’ll probably be an answer. Maybe a “Happy 2014!!!” post or something.
@Mimishu1995 If you search “Haiku”, you’ll find a ton of threads with Fluther-related haikus.

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Probably someone will post “Happy New Year” and I’ll respond.

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Probably something in the new years party chat room. (yes this is an advertisement)

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Probably an answer to ETpro’s question…lol

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A questioned answer.

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“It’s means “it is.”
A “couple of anything” needs the “of,”
“Dissappointed” is misspelled.
All nouns take an “s” for the plural without an apostrophe.
Adding “ish” to a noun does not make it an adjective.
“Basically” means “fundamentally” and should not be tossed into sentences randomly.
Adding a question mark to a sentence does not make it a question.
Tacking ”-wise” on to a noun, clarity-wise, is bad.

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No one over the age of 14 should use “It sucks” routinely.
Ditto for “it’s awesome.”
If English is not your native tongue, let us know.
Don’t think out loud. Decide what you want to say and then say it…once. Paraphrasing to try to win an argument is boring.
Present data as data and facts as facts. Give sources.
Don’t assume, guess, bet, or tell other people what they mean.
Don’t invent statistics.
Don’t have afterthought after afterthought after aftert…
Edit twice, send once.

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I’d assume that about 1 in 10 people over the age of 14 are dissappoinntted that basically all smart people criticise those who….hmmm…let me think about how to phrase this…don’t follow every one of those grammar and propriety rule’s? I’m not quite sure. Its complicated. I’ll just keep it simplish and say that this is probably correct.
[edit]: It’s awesome that these rules or a couple any rules like this can impact people so much.
[edit 2]: But now that I think of it, I change that to say that most people who are about 14 agewise can take these criticism’s constructively.
Happy 2014 everyone!

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Mine was “Happy New Year, jellies!” Does that count as an answer or a quip?

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Mine will be a complaint. (What’s new.~)

I’m mourning the loss of my mother with something stuck in my upper eye lid. You would think all the crying would flush it out, but no. My eye has to be swollen, red and terribly sore on one of the hardest days I’ve ever had. I’m hoping I will wake up and it will be better. If not, we will be driving in the snow to visit a doc on a holiday. I could use some extra hugs today

Happy New Year to my Fluther family. xox

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Janet; Try using a warm compress on spot. Take clean wash cloth, soak w. warm water, wring out and hold to spot for 5–10 minutes every hour or so. You may well have a sty. Mayo Clinic _Sty.

Sobbing may have caused a small bacterial infection to develop in one of the lash follicles.



This treatment can’t hurt, but you may need anti-biotic eye drops. Don’t wait more than 48 hrs. to see Urgent Care. Wash hands a lot with hot water and soap; don’t keep touching the spot!

My deepest sympathies. xox

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Janet; For later. I used to get sties regularly. My PCP recommended that I wash my eyelashes every morning with a clean wash cloth and some baby shampoo (no sting). So I do. I have a pile of washcloths that I got at the $ store. I wet the cloth and then my eyes, then put a teeny squirt of the shamoo on the cloth and rub my eyelashes gently with it. Then I use the cloth to rinse. I do this daily and routinely; it takes about 60”. Then I toss the cloth in the hamper.

I’ve been doing this for years. I keep one bottle of the shampoo in the medicine cabinet and another in the shower.

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Scratch that….I commented….smh

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It was an answer!

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I’ll probably link to Something

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