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What are some good methods to speed up the recovery time after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

Asked by rockstar (675points) June 27th, 2008

I just got all of my wisdom teeth pulled this morning. They did gave me some medicine. What else can I do to speed my recovery time?

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Mine were impacted when I had them removed. They gave me a prescription for Perkaden (sp?) but I never needed to fill it as I never had any real pain. I would think a little Motrin should get you through. Unless you have a dry socket, you should get by okay.

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Rest and keep hydrated.

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But don’t drink through a straw!!!! Pulled teeth+straw= dry socket.

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Ask about (and have them give you written instructions) on compressing the area with ice and or hot packs. There’s a specific method that really helps reduce any swelling that you might have in your cheeks. If possible, have someone come over and help you by timing the packs exactly as they tell you. My mom was a nurse and insisted on coming over to do this for me. I was amazed and so was the dentist because I had no visible swelling or bruising on my cheeks and it healed much faster. I had all four of them out at the same time and the oral surgeon said I should have had swelling.

They also gave me a prescription painkiller but told me to take Motrin first and see how I did. I didn’t need the Rx. I did the same for my son (on the packs and the medicine) and he had the same results.

They usually have a printed advice slip. Follow it to the letter.

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lots and lots of ice. my mom taped bags of ice around my face, wrapped in towels so they dont get too cold, and because of that i barely swelled up at all. thats the one thing i would recommend

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Someone recently told me that arnica gel was good. I haven’t tried it myself but the advice came from a reputable source. Can’t hurt, it’s all natural. You can have someone pick it up for you at Whole Food or your local natural foods store.

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Follow your Dentists directions. Don’t do anything he hasn’t told you to do. You really shouldn’t try to get medical advice from the internet.

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