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Palaestinian Ambassador dies in explosion in the Czech Republic. Who do you think did it?

Asked by ragingloli (41850points) January 1st, 2014

Clearly an assassination. Who planted the bomb?

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A link would be nice. I can’t find any links.

Edit:: Found one.

Not surprising it isn’t being reported here.

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It was an accident.

He had a booby trap system on his safe.

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It seems highly suspicious. How many people are killed by their safe? How many Palestinians die in mysterious circumstances?

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Since Palestinians are Semites, and the biggest murderers of Semites are Germans, I will go with: it’s the krauts’ fault!

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@zenvelo I guess that is what you get for using a bomb as a security device. What an idiot. He definitely wins a Darwin award.

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My first thought is always those great meddlers, the Americans. I guess details will follow.

Actually, it occurs to me that it is funny timing, given that we just learned that Arafat was not poisoned.

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Well, the russian investigation said that. Funnily enough, both the French and Swiss investigation DID find polonium poisoning.
That is 2 vs. 1.

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@ragingloli Well, the French did not conclude poisoning. I’ve done very little reading on the subject, so I may well be wrong, but I tend to think he was not poisoned.

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The only surprising thing is that Israel hasn’t been blamed (yet).

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Man, that brings a whole new level of meaning to the term “fail-safe”.

The better question regarding “who killed the Palestinian ambassador?” is “who cares?”

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Yes, agents of the state deserve to die.

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Who the eff puts a bomb in their safe? Doesn’t that kind of negate the whole “safe” idea?

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This report covering the Czech Republic’s police investigation mentions the bobby trap theory of why explosives were there, but appears to say that what is more clear is that explosives were in the safe. I can easily fathom why a Palestinian Embassy would have explosives stored in their safe. This report on weapons found at the diplomatic mission adds to the reasons to suspect this was not a bobby trap, but bomb-making materials meant to be handed over to terrorist and used blowing other people up.

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Interesting sentence in the article – “A team of Palestinian experts is expected to participate in the investigation”

What do we gather from this? Clearly Palestinians have expertise in making devices with explosives – we’ve seen that for 40 years. Does that make them experts in forensic analysis?

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@elbanditoroso What a bizarre exercise in generalization. All Palestinians are not experts in making explosives. There is no reason to suspect that there are no forensics experts in Palestine.

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@glacial: antisemitism is fine as long as it’s against the right group of Semites!

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Either an accident or Mossad
Usually hard to tell the difference.

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Actually @johnpowell, it was reported “here” in the USA. Indeed, here is the article in the New York Times, where I read about it. It seems that the Czech authorities were able to examine the safe, and that there is clearcut evidence that it was a “booby trap” that went off. Considering that the Palestinians haven’t blamed Israel (which almost uniformly happens in these circumstances), my impression is that it indeed was an accidental explosion. Anyway, not all assassinations have to be Israel’s handiwork. Rafic Hariri was killed by Syria-Hezbollah in Lebanon. No evidence of Israeli involvement other than an inflammatory statement by the head of Hezbollah was found by multiple investigations.

@ragingloli As for the other issue, Arafat and possible polonium poisoning, both the French and the Russians said his death was not from polonium poisoning. Neither have the strongest relationship with Israel or the USA, so arguing this was for political purposes is a stretch. The Swiss said polonium poisoning, but that makes the numbers 2:1 against.

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