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Are cats guardian angels?

Asked by catlover51 (7points) January 1st, 2014

I believe my cat is my guardian angel. Is this possible?

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I think that is maybe a bit extreme…but I’ll tell you this. Today I was the most down I’ve been in a while…and considering this past year, that’s saying a lot. I got two 9 month old kittens last February from a no-kill shelter, and it’s obvious from their behavior that they definitely had a traumatic youth. They are both very affectionate, but the little girl (they’re brother and sister) has yet to let me pick her up, or even to sit in my lap, etc. Today, I was crying a bit. She came over and, for the first time ever, curled up in my lap, and snuggled there for about 40 minutes. This blew me away!

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Random cat fact: The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. They thought so highly of them that they even mummified them.

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My cat is a little shit head. I do love her so.

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I don’t know if I would say they are guardian angels. But I will say that they are the closest we will get to having one. I love cats!!

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I am an animal lover snd animsl rights advocate. I love my cats even though they’re big pains in the asses. Still, I’m not sure I would go so far as to say anything is necessarily a guardian Angel.

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No, it is not possible, for me, but perhaps for you it is. lol
Cats are wonderful little friends but they do not have supernatural powers.

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It’s all matter of faith. Some believe that angels may take forms that are not “heavenly” or like in the pictures. Sometimes, they find the most comforting form for that person or that moment. I don’t know if we can consider a cat as an angel but they can be a messenger.

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This expression doesn’t look very seraphic to me.

Neither does this one.

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Milo has lovely and terrifying eyes.

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My experience with cats leads me to believe that their biblical personas, if any, would be more closely associated with a red horned dude who resides further south.

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@gailcalled Clearly Milo is plotting something sinister. lol

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He is hiding behind a folder labeled HO HO HO so it can’t be that bad. Maybe he is a pimp.

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^^ That might explain that pimpmobile with the smoked glass windows I occasionally see in my driveway.

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In that case my beloved canine is one too and so is every loved pet inthe world.

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The folder in question does appear to be labeled “HO HO HO.” In reality it is a short string of little stick figures drawn on a paper sticking out of the folder. I was sending a very sick friend a weekly cartoon and couldn’t draw well. Rotate the folder 90˚ counterclockwise to see crude animated white blood cells on the march. The “O” is a head. Top figure is standing sideways.

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If you believe it is possible than I think it is. It’s all about your perception and beliefs. It’s a nice thought I think. Cats can be very empathetic in my opinion, it’s seems like they want to protect us when we don’t feel well or are sad.

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Probably not guardian angels, but they know when something is wrong and they act accordingly. I love that about them. I LOVE CATS.

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no.. But most cats know someone who knows someone that has a boss married to a guardian angel.

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