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Can guns shoot underwater?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) June 27th, 2008
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i would think so, but i dont know about the whole gunpowder thing working too well, if it gets wet. im not familiar with guns, but im pretty sure the gunpowder is contained until it ignites. but if it needs oxygen like a fire then it may not work

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No its not able to work because it can’t ignite the gun powder.

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Glocks can!

As well as some others!

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I think it would depend on the ammunition, but I might be wrong.

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A harpoon gun can. But I don’t think the chamber of a regular gun can produce a spark in water. Still, I wouldn’t recommend trying Scuba Russian Roulette.

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High powered guns can’t shoot from air into water; the bullets explode when they hit the surface of the water due to surface tension. Guns that are not as powerful (guns whose bullets do not travel as fast) can.

I suppose if the gun was completely underwater to begin with (chamber and all) the bullet would travel through water, since it wouldn’t be going from one medium to another, but it would move much more slowly than in air.

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Mythbusters did a show on it and you could fire both a handgun and a rifle underwater

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I think they said a shotgun would explode because of the pressure inside the large barrel though.

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as long as wtaer doesn’t get into the firing mechanism I don’t see why not. xxporkxsodaxx makes a good point, but, that’s not how modern guns work (i.e. pistols, shot guns – they wouldn’t work simply due to drag) bullets contain gunpowder but they are basically a cartridge with a ‘loose’ head on. Inside there is some gun powder with some other stuff. All that it needs to be fired, is a tap to the bottom of the bullet where it has that circular shape. this is where the pin strikes the bullet, this then causes the gunpowder to ignite WITHIN the bullet. Since all you need is kinetic energy as appose to any external heat, I don’t see any reason why a gun couldn’t work underwater.

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The propellant in bullets doesn’t rely on outside oxygen to burn; it produces its own. Firing one underwater is a very inefficient and dangerous process, though.

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“Firing one underwater is a dangerous process, though.”
As is firing a gun above water, and in fact in any situation! lol

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Not generally when you’re behind it. Unless you’re underwater.

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Some like the Sig Sauger p226 variant but in general they don’t but there are a few that do

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Does any one who honestly know anything about fire arms? Wet gun powder? ok it’s like this, Guns should NOT be fired under water. The powder is in a self contained cartage and the fireing pin will have room to strike the primer (thus setting off the bullt) The problem you run into is pressuse. even dust and dirt will jam a gun, when your barrel is full of water i alows no room for the gas expansion thus over pressuring the barrel causing it to split. most modern fire ars are built to take this stress once, mabye twice, but for sustained fire its not possible, and honestly it could blow up in yourface first try.. DO NOT TRY IT!

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